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Development at 41st and Butler – Thunderbird

UPDATE: 2.27.2014

On February 25th, Judge James rendered a decision in favor of Lawrenceville United and Lawrenceville Corporation’s appeal of the zoning decision for the Thunderbird expansion.  For more information check out these articles:





Update: 8.1.2013

Zoning has approved the Development at 41st and Butler.  Currently Lawrenceville United is appealing the decision.


Update: 4.12.2013

Lawrenceville United, represented by Tom Madigan of Pepper Hamilton, attended the zoning hearing on April 11th to oppose the variances and special exceptions requested for the proposed Development at 41st and Butler, which includes an expansion of the Thunderbird Café.  Several residents, in addition to Lawrenceville United, Lawrenceville Corporation, and Councilman Patrick Dowd attended to testify in opposition.  The community organizations support the current Thunderbird as it exists now, but opposed an expansion because of the impact it could have on the adjacent residential and commercial corridors.  A decision should be made after attorneys for both parties submit Findings upon receipt of the transcript and the Zoning Board’s review. Thank you to all of the residents who have worked so hard on this issue and those who took time out of their day to attend the hearing.



Proposed “Development at 41st and Butler” requires zoning approval.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
6:00 pm | Arsenal 6-8 Auditorium
220 40th Street (enter from steps on 40th Street)

Lawrenceville Holdings VI LP, the owners of Thunderbird Café  (4023 Butler Street) and other adjacent properties have filed for zoning approvals relative to their new development plans.  Zoning approvals are being sought to expand the current Thunderbird Café, to develop a new restaurant at the corner of 41stand Butler, and to redevelop residential apartment units. hearing will be held on April 11,

The Zoning Board of Adjustments has scheduled a hearing on April 11, 2013 at 9:10 in the first floor conference room of 200 Ross Street (Downtown Pittsburgh) to review the following requests:
·         Special Exception: 911.02 use of restaurant (general) is a Special Exception in LNC zoning
·         District Special Exception: 914.07.G.2(a) off-site parking shall be authorized in accordance with a Special Exception; valet parking incorporating 3 off-site locations proposed
·         Variance: 914.07.G.2(a).1 no off-site parking space shall be located more than 1,000ft from the primary entrance of the use and one valet parking lot location is greater than 1,000ft maximum distance
·         Variance: 918.03.A off-street parking areas shall be screened on all sides and no screening proposed

As part of the Responsible Hospitality and Growth Process adopted by the Lawrenceville Planning Team, you are invited to attend a public meeting for this project to learn more about what is being proposed for your neighborhood and to provide feedback. Please share with your neighbors and friends.



Development at 41st and Butler
A meeting was held December 17, 2012 for residents and business owners to learn more about proposed plans for development at 41st and Butler Streets.  The plans call for the expansion of the Thunderbird café – to become a 600-650 person venue, a new restaurant, and 6 residential units.  Parking has been identified on-site for the residential units, and valet parking is being considered for patrons, with satellite lots at the end of 38th Street and at the former Washington VI Tech school.  Notes are available from the meeting.  The developers have not yet applied for any zoning variances or liquor license approvals, and when applications have been filed, another meeting will be held to discuss the development.  Please let us know if you would like additional information.  Notes from the meeting can be found here.


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