Board of Directors and Staff

Meet the LU Board of Directors!

Cory Ricci grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania, and has lived in Lawrenceville for three years. He is an attorney and amateur cook, and is LU’s Public Safety Chair.
Vice President
Steve Sokoloski is originally from outside of Scranton, PA.  He came to Pittsburgh for college and decided to move to Lawrenceville shortly after graduation because the strong sense of volunteerism and cooperation among residents and businesses was something he was looking for in a neighborhood.  He’s been a resident of the 9th ward for nearly 12 years and has enjoyed seeing the progress in Lawrenceville, but wants to make sure that we don’t lose the community feel that has drawn so many to our neighborhood.  He’s proud that LU continues to be a voice for all residents in Lawrenceville.
Molly Vincent is a lifelong resident of Lawrenceville’s 10th Ward and has been on the Board for 3 years.  She is the Board secretary and is involved with the Events committee.  Molly works in the medical field and is active in the neighborhood’s arts and music scene.
Phoebe Stern moved to Pittsburgh from New York City almost three years ago, and when she landed in Lawrenceville, she knew she didn’t want to live in any other Pittsburgh neighborhood! Phoebe works at Arts Education Collaborative, and does various volunteer work around arts, finances, and community. She looks forward to serving Lawrenceville, especially in the areas of financial oversight and responsible growth.
Pete Halesey is originally from Wilkes-Barre, PA, but first came to Pittsburgh in 2005 and has been living in Lawrenceville for about the last two years. He’s hoping to help continue the great work Lawrenceville United has done for the community and is looking forward to serving the neighborhood in any way he can.


Ashley Brandolph is a Pittsburgh native and proud eight-year Lawrenceville resident and homeowner. Ashley is passionate about community development: she was Lawrenceville’s 2014 Neighbor of the Year, the former administrator of Lawrenceville WORKS!, an enthusiastic volunteer, and Lifetime LU Member. As a community-minded, Lawrenceville-based entrepreneur, Ashley prioritizes supporting Lawrenceville United via her background in business, information, and technology.


Tim LaVoie is originally from the great state of Maine. But Lawrenceville has been his home for the last 5 years and he can’t imagine living anywhere else. Tim’s favorite thing about LU is getting to take part in so many amazing events that bring all the aspects of our neighborhood together.


Nancy Gippert originally lived in Pittsburgh from 1972-1988.  After moving to Harrisburg to work for the State Human Relations Commission, she returned to Pittsburgh after retirement and discovered a near perfect home in Lawrenceville.  She’s been here now about a year and a half, and she’s interested in working to maintain the current character and diversity of the community.



Jesse Perkins is a 10th Ward resident who’s been playing keys and bass in the same band for over 12 years. He’s interested in working on better use of underutilized property by providing green spaces and affordable housing for everybody in the neighborhood.


Susan Van Alstine is a 6th Ward resident who led the charge to bring a dog park to Lawrenceville! She is interested in responsible hospitality and thoughtful development in Lawrenceville. Susan is a self-proclaimed geek and is the Chair of the Governance Committee.


Kyle Webster  is a resident of the 10th ward.





Loretta Millender  is a lifelong resident of Lawrenceville and currently lives in the 9th ward.


Each year Lawrenceville United conducts Board of Director elections during the Spring/Summer General Membership Meeting.  We will post an application on this site in advance of that meeting, and will announcement the application period through our e-newsletter. If you are interested, contact LU at and we can get you more details on the application process. Keep in mind, only members who have held an up-to-date membership for 6 months prior to the elections are eligible, so make sure you’ve renewed your membership.
Below is basic information about our election process:

  • The LU Board of Directors consists of 10-13 members.
  • The By-laws of LU permit the election of 4-7 board members every “even year”.  These 4-7 members are elected as at-large representatives, which is different than our “odd year,” elections when 2 board seats are elected from the 6th Ward, 2 residents elected from the 9th Ward and 2 residents elected from the 10th Ward.
  • Elections are staggered, to ensure that every year LU members have the opportunity to re-elect Board Members.


Executive Director Dave Breingan

Community Engagement & Program Manager Taro Matsuno

Community Organizer (PEP Rally) Rounida Shwaish

Market Manager (part-time) Dani San Filippo

Finance Manager (part-time) Michele Goldammer

Lead Parent Organizers (PEP Rally)

Sacoyia Reed

Alexis Tuckfelt

Tina Russell

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Office Fax: 412.802.7223