Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

Each year Lawrenceville United conducts Board of Director elections during the Spring/Summer General Membership Meeting.  We will post an application on this site in advance of that meeting, and will announcement the application period through our e-newsletter. If you are interested, contact LU at and we can get you more details on the application process. Keep in mind, only members who have held an up-to-date membership for 6 months prior to the elections are eligible, so make sure you’ve renewed your membership.
Below is basic information about our election process:

  • The LU Board of Directors consists of 10-13 members.
  • The By-laws of LU permit the election of 4-7 board members every “even year”.  These 4-7 members are elected as at-large representatives, which is different than our “odd year,” elections when 2 board seats are elected from the 6th Ward, 2 residents elected from the 9th Ward and 2 residents elected from the 10th Ward.
  • Elections are staggered, to ensure that every year LU members have the opportunity to re-elect Board Members.


Executive Director Dave Breingan

Community Engagement & Program Manager: Darrell (

Community Organizer (PEP Rally): Lucy (

Market Manager (part-time): Sarah (

Finance Manager (part-time): Michele (

Interns (part-time): John (, Barb (

Office Email:

Office Phone: 412.802.7220

Office Fax: 412.782.2672


Lawrenceville United at Goodwill of SWPA Workforce Development Center

118 52nd Street, Suite 2026

Pittsburgh, PA 15201