/ Programs

Lawrenceville United continually develops programs and projects all geared toward improving quality of life for residents and stakeholders in Lawrenceville.

Our programs fall into 3 main categories: for more information on each program or project, please click on their corresponding hyperlink.

Public Safety

Public Safety Action Team: Monthly meetings that bring all facets of city agencies and services together to streamline communication and create efficient processes for the removal of blight and crime in Lawrenceville.

Localized Block Watches:
Monthly meetings hosted by local residents that give members of the community an open forum to discuss concerns and issues in their neighborhood.  Block Watch issues are then used for the bi-monthly Public Safety Action Team meetings. 

National Night Out:
National event that promotes involvement in crime and drug prevention activities, strengthening police-community relations, and encouraging neighborhood camaraderie as part of the fight for safer streets.

Vacant House Reuse Project:
Managed by LU’s Housing Committee, the program promotes responsible home ownership with affordable homes through a purchase-rehab process.
Landlord/ Tenant Assistance Programs:
Lawrenceville United connects local landlords and tenants with resources and public safety and service agencies to encourage and promote responsible property management and to provide tenants with resources and education.
Quality of Life Database:
Lawrenceville records and tracks public safety and overall quality of life issues to identify concerning trends, opportunities for policy change, and community organizing/ advocacy.

Responsible Growth:
Tracking information on new developments with properties, liquor serving establishments, and working with the Lawrenceville Corporation to entice asset-based businesses to Lawrenceville.

Clean & Green

Vacant Home and Land RFP Processes: Managed by LU’s Housing Committee, the programs promote responsible reuse and ownership of available property in Lawrenceville.

Beautification & Greening
Garden Stewards:
Lawrenceville Organic Community Gardens in the Allegheny cemetery and at Natrona/ McCandless; Duncan Park Edible Food Forest and Playscape; and individually managed garden plots.

Tree Planting and Maintenance & Alternative Greenscapes Initiatives:
LU has partnered with the Tree Pittsburgh Lawrenceville Tree Tenders to plant and maintain over 500 trees in the community, and more than 70 window boxes as an alternative greening strategy.

Community Clean-ups:
LU coordinates the Lawrenceville neighborhood team for Pittsburgh’s annual Garbage Olympics and works with local universities and resident groups to keep Lawrenceville clean for specific events.

Vacant Lot Reuse Project:
Managed by LU’s Housing Committee, this program promotes responsible development and reuse of open spaces by creating side yards for responsible and adjacent homeowners.
Neighborhood Maintenance Manager:
Manages property in Lawrenceville to keep blight and overgrown spaces at a minimum, and coordinates business district clean up with regular sidewalk sweeping and maintenance.
Upper Lawrenceville/ 10TH Ward Plan:
LU is working with the LC to steward the development of Upper Lawrenceville.  To sustain the success of public safety work, the organizations are implementing other strategies to greenspace, reuse vacant land, preserve affordable housing, and create riverfront access and amenities.

Quality of Life

Lawrenceville Farmers Market:
LU hosts an open-air market every Tuesday from 3-7pm, May 16 through November 21, that brings fresh, local food to Lawrenceville. For our customers who prefer to shop in a masked shopping environment, masks are mandatory for all attendees from 3-3:30pm.

Bernard Dog Run:
LU and local residents worked with city agencies and residents, to create an Off Leash Exercise Area (OLEA) in Lawrenceville and continue to maintain the area.

PEP Rally Project:
Engaging parents around education issues to help identify issues, recommendations for improvement, to create a mobilized network of parents and community partners to create more attractive neighborhood schools.

Community-Building Events:
Providing free family-friendly events to thousands of residents to bolster community pride and civic engagement.

Independence Day Celebration
Children’s Halloween Party

Light Up Lawrenceville
PARKing Day

Senior AdvantAGE Program:
LU engages seniors who are living in Lawrenceville, to connect them to other Seniors, to connect them to new residents, to businesses, and resources as they age in place.

Arsenal Park Planning
Working with residents, the Friends of Arsenal Park, and partners to improve Arsenal Park through master-planning and volunteer projects.

Lawrenceville Works!
Partnering with agencies to connect residents with skills and employment opportunities.