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2014 Housing Request for Proposals

Lawrenceville United (LU) works to improve the overall quality of life for Lawrenceville residents and stakeholders.  LU has worked over the past thirteen years to eliminate blight throughout Lower, Central, and Upper Lawrenceville by targeting nuisance and problem properties and prioritizing the demolitions, acquisition and redevelopment of such properties.


As part of this process, we have acquired and maintained properties throughout the neighborhood to ensure that they experience a higher, more effective and positive use in the future for the residents of Lawrenceville.  LU acquired many of these properties by working with the Lawrenceville Corporation, City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group’s Vacant Property Working Group, the Elm Street Program, and working with various other public and private agencies and partners.


As part of our Vacant Lot Reuse Program that launched in 2010, we identified parcels and properties that could be transformed into side yards and backyards for adjacent and responsible property owners, community gardens, and adjacent green space for commercial buildings. Twelve parcels have been sold to responsible owners as side yards, and others have been creatively repurposed to become community gardens and green space or are in the queue to be redeveloped as part of the implementation of the Upper Lawrenceville Plan.


In 2012, we developed our Vacant House Reuse Program, and through the process have since sold two of our homes to first-time homebuyers who are currently renovating houses in Upper Lawrenceville to live in. As part of our current program, three properties/ parcels have been designated to become a potential home-ownership project for current and potential Lawrenceville residents. We are inviting responsible and interested people looking to own a home and live in Lawrenceville to consider submitting a proposal to purchase three separate parcels currently owned by LU, including two houses and a nearby garage.  The individual can propose to combine parcels as one owner-occupied unit, or can propose to own and live in one, while renting the other out after renovation.  Information about the parcels and proposal selection criteria is included within the RFP.  We are hoping that the potential owner and residents will help Lawrenceville United continue to revitalize the community through creative reuse of vacant property.


Upon review of submitted materials,  the LU Housing Committee will rate and select proposals that best fit the goal of the project based on the selection review criteria detailed later in the proposal and recommend sale of each parcel to the selected proposed buyer to the LU Board of Directors who will authorize final approval for sale.


Lawrenceville United will hold an open house for individuals to see the properties on September 7th from 12 pm – 4 pm.  Please check www.lunited.org for information on these events, email lauren@Lunited.org, or call 412-802-7220.


To see the full RFP and application requirements click HERE.

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