Recap from Housing For All: Inclusionary Zoning as a Tool to Preserve Affordability

The second of three “Housing For All” community meetings was held on Wednesday, October 17th at 6 p.m. at Goodwill of Southwestern PA’s Workforce Development Center. The meeting focused on Inclusionary Zoning as a tool to preserve affordability. Please see below for materials and notes from the meeting:

  • Presentation from Lawrenceville United & Lawrenceville Corporation
  • Video introducing Inclusionary Housing
  • Presentation from Department of City Planning
  • Meeting notes from Q&A + break-out groups
  • Follow up questions that were submitted are currently being answered and will be posted here when complete.

The third community meeting, Housing For All: Community Feedback and Call to Action, will take place on Monday, November 5th from 6-8 p.m. at Goodwill’s Workforce Development Center (118 52nd Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201). The building is fully accessible. Dinner provided. Childcare available by advance request to LU at 412-802-7220.

For a recap of the first meeting held on 9/28/2018, Housing For All: The State of Housing & Displacement in Lawrenceville, please click here.

Recap from Housing for All: The State of Housing in Lawrenceville

Many thanks to the Office of Councilwoman Deb Gross, Lawrenceville Corporation and the Department of City Planning for partnering on this effort.  The hosting partners provided updates on the state of housing in Lawrenceville, displacement, and what’s being done about it. Thank you to all of the attendees who shared their stories and experiences.

Be sure to check out Lawrenceville United’s Presentation here: The State of Housing in Lawrenceville

We also have the notes that reflect the stories and experiences shared by the session attendees: Housing for All Group Notes

The next event in the Housing for All series happens on October 17, 2018 from 6-8 p.m. at Goodwill’s Workforce Development Center at 118 52nd Street – Inclusionary Zoning: a tool to preserve affordability  

Materials from 9th Ward Block Watch on 8/21/2018

In case you missed the 9th Ward Block Watch on 8/21/2018, here are the materials that were shared:

Join us on 9/18/2018 at 6:30 p.m. at St. Mary’s Lyceum for the next 9th Ward Block Watch.

Final Report from Just Collaboration on Diversity & Inclusion Work

In the first half of 2018, Lawrenceville United contracted with Just Collaboration to work with our organization on goals related to our Diversity & Inclusion and Equity organizational values. As part of this process, Just Collaboration offered multiple trainings to the staff and Board of Lawrenceville United, and also did an external survey of Lawrenceville residents to understand how welcoming and inclusive the neighborhood is. Thank you to all who participated in this survey.

As the last part of her work with Lawrenceville United, Mary C. Parker of Just Collaboration presented a final report on the results of the contract and the survey to Lawrenceville United members at the Spring 2018 membership meeting. To view this report, please click HERE.

Interested in being part of LU’s ongoing efforts around diversity, inclusion, and equity? Join our Committee or give us feedback by emailing or calling us at 412-802-7220.

LU Spring Membership Meeting with Mayor William Peduto

Join Lawrenceville United for our Spring Membership Meeting on Tuesday, June 5th at the Goodwill Workforce Development Center, 6:00 p.m. Program includes a presentation and Q&A with special guest Mayor William Peduto, a report on LU’s diversity and inclusion survey, and presentations by candidates for the LU Board of Directors. Ballots may be cast at the meeting.

Please RSVP to or 412-802-7220 if you plan on attending. You can submit your questions for Mayor Peduto to

This event is open to all Lawrenceville United members. If you’re not already a member, you can sign up or renew your membership at the meeting – it’s just $5 for a year and $35 for a lifetime. You can also become a member online or contact 412-802-7220.

Ballots are released for our 2018 Board Election

Ballots for the election of members to the Lawrenceville United Board of Directors are now live. You may submit your ballot electronically at the link below, print out the ballot and mail it to us, or pick up a paper ballot at our office at 118 52nd Street, Suite 2026. You can read bios for our Board candidates below.

□    Kathryn Arbogast □    Anthony Cosnotti □    Nathaniel Ferrer*
□    Nancy Gippert* □    Rebecca Himberger □    Nancy Leff
□    Loretta Millender* □    Gary Philip Nelson □    Jesse Perkins*
□    Cory Ricci* □    Jeanne Scardamalia □    Emily Schmidlapp

Current Board members up for re-election appear in bold with an asterisk.

Please contact with any questions.

Electronic Ballot Form

Print Ballot Below


I, _________________________________, being a member in good standing of Lawrenceville United, hereby vote for the following named persons to serve as Directors for a two year period from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019.  I am signaling my election by checking up to 9 of the following candidates in each Ward.


□    Kathryn Arbogast □    Anthony Cosnotti □    Nathaniel Ferrer*
□    Nancy Gippert* □    Rebecca Himberger □    Nancy Leff
□    Loretta Millender* □    Gary Philip Nelson □    Jesse Perkins*
□    Cory Ricci* □    Jeanne Scardamalia □    Emily Schmidlapp

Signature: ____________________________________                    Date: ______________

Current Board members up for re-election appear in bold with an asterisk.
If more than 9 candidates are checked, no votes will not be counted.

Crime Alert – Burglaries in Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville has seen a recent uptick in burglaries of both residences and businesses, particularly concentrated in the 6th Ward (Lower Lawrenceville) around 38th-39th Streets.

Zone 2 Police are recommending that people lock their doors and “pin” their windows for security, and to pass along any tips. Anonymous tips can be submitted to LU or using the Silent Complaint form. For more tips on how to prevent burglaries, please view this handout from Zone 2, and don’t forget to join us at our monthly Block Watches to stay on top of crime in Lawrenceville.

Understanding Implicit Bias, Satuday, May 19th from 10am – 1pm

Understanding Implicit Bias

The Understanding Implicit Bias training has been rescheduled, and will now be held on Saturday, May 19th from 10 am – 1 pm at the Goodwill Workforce Development Center, 118 52nd Street.

Event Details

How can someone’s race, sex, age, and other characteristics influence the way we see and treat them even when we are genuinely trying to be unbiased? What concrete steps can we take to help prevent this from happening in our workplace, our neighborhood and in our family?

To help answer these questions, this workshop introduces the concept of implicit bias and tools to begin to address these stereotypes.

Join us Saturday, May 19th from 10 am – 1 pm at the Goodwill Workforce Development Center, 118 52nd Street. Lunch and childcare will be provided.

Register now on Eventbrite, and please indicate if you will be using the provided free childcare.

This event is hosted in partnership with Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Procedural Justice Unit, Just Collaboration, New Bethel Baptist Church, the Center For Policing Equity, and the National Initiative for Building Community Trust & Justice.

Seeking Community Engagement & Program Manager

Lawrenceville United, a community-based non-profit organization working to protect and improve the quality of life of all Lawrenceville residents, is seeking a highly productive individual with strong interpersonal and communication skills who is passionate about community-driven revitalization and able to work collaboratively and efficiently with residents and partner organizations.

Read the full job description

Summary of Position
The Community Engagement and Program Manager (CEPM) is one of three full-time positions at LU. The CEPM coordinates all outreach and communication for the organization, manages a number of key programs, runs all LU’s community events, serves as the direct liaison to membership and several resident-led volunteer groups, and is the primary point of contact for general inquiries and quality of life issues from residents.

About Lawrenceville United
Lawrenceville United (LU) is an inclusive, resident-driven community-based non-profit organization dedicated to improving and protecting the quality of life of all Lawrenceville residents. Our primary programs and focus areas include public safety, community development and community planning, community beautification, community events, strengthening and supporting our neighborhood schools, supporting older adults to age in place successfully, and running the Lawrenceville Farmers Market.

Among our organizational values are Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, and we are committed to hiring and supporting a diverse workforce. LU is an equal opportunity employer and qualified individuals who bring diverse perspectives and represent marginalized communities are especially encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should review the full job description and submit a cover letter and resume to by May 18, 2018. Please focus your cover letter on what aspects of the job interest you most.