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Why should you join?

Lawrenceville is more than just a place to live – it’s a community. One where we value our history while encouraging progress. Where we are happy to receive thousands of visitors to our many successful small businesses, but know and support our neighbors. Where densely-packed row houses are intermingled with green spaces and trees, and where the diversity of residents is valued as much as what we all share in common – a love of Lawrenceville.

But community doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of more than 30 community events we host each year. It happens because hundreds of residents care enough to attend a meeting about development plans. Because you show up on a Saturday morning to plant hundreds of trees, maintain community gardens, and pick up litter in our alleyways. Because groups of committed parents spend their free hours volunteering inside Arsenal and Woolslair. Community requires work, dedication, and support. Lawrenceville United works year-round to keep you informed and engaged in the community, and we need you to join with us in making this neighborhood a place where people thrive together.

Every resident of Lawrenceville can work with LU on these issues, but membership in Lawrenceville United enables you to:

1) Vote in all elections and when otherwise required

2) Sit on the board of directors

3) Participate in member-only events and

4) Amplify your voice by joining with like-minded neighbors and helping us advocate for you.

Our members are our lifeblood! Our work is informed by, supported by, and in service of Lawrenceville residents. We hope that you join us in investing in keeping Lawrenceville the community you know and love.

Membership Eligibility

To be eligible to be a voting member, you must be a Lawrenceville resident, or have been a resident of Lawrenceville within the last 15 years and resided in Lawrenceville for at least 365 days during that period.

Membership Levels with Rewards

 $5/yr or $35 lifetime
$5/mo. or $60/yr
$10/mo. or $120/yr
$20/mo. or $240/yr
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