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55+ in Lawrenceville: Your AdvantAGE

Lawrenceville is a neighborhood for all. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life or are new to the community, there are opportunities here for you – to work, to learn, to meet people, and to be active in our community. The AdvantAGE program was created to connect residents age 55 and older to events, resources, and discounts to make life in Lawrenceville easier and more enjoyable.


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Residents Aged 55 and Older

Membership is free and renews automatically each year. Once you complete the application, you will begin to receive regular mailings and emails with information about upcoming events and opportunities. You will also receive an AdvantAGE card in the mail that you can use at local businesses to receive special discounts. Fill Application

Lawrenceville Businesses

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Program Achievements

  • 190 members
  • 45 businesses in Lawrenceville offering a discount
  • 200 students at Arsenal and Woolslair Schools sent Lawrenceville seniors a holiday card
  • 55 seniors had one-on-one learning sessions on social media and smart phones