Community Meeting on 4501 Butler (Morgan’s BBQ)

Please join us for a second community meeting regarding Morgan’s BBQ’s proposed use of 4501 Butler Street (formerly Bargain Auto Mart) as a new restaurant with liquor license. The meeting will be held on Monday, May 1st at 6:30 PM at St. Mary’s Lyceum.
Morgan’s BBQ are appearing before the Zoning Board of Adjustments on May 11th at 8:50 AM for a variance for an accessory use of the outdoor area, and special exceptions for rear setback and location of refuse receptacles.
Morgan’s BBQ’s team has been revising their plans to accommodate community concerns. As part of Lawrenceville United and Lawrenceville Corporation’s community process, you are encouraged to attend this meeting to learn about the status of their plans, ask questions, and provide feedback to the community organizations.
Please call Lawrenceville United at 412-802-7220 or email for more information.

6th Ward Meeting Notes October 24, 2016

6th Ward Meeting Notes

October 24, 2016

Coca Cafe

3811 Butler Street

Approximately 17 people attended


Public Safety Report by Officer Antoine Davis

The report on crime statistics is broken up by wards

Officer Davis gathers statistics on the details of the crime to prevent you from being the victim of one of those crimes. Please see 6th Ward Safety Report.

It includes the police report, safety information for Halloween and Stuffed with Love program for Thanksgiving.

Officer Davis: Part 1 crimes are reported on the safety report. These crimes are serious offenses that lead to a felony violation. Examples are: rape, arson, aggravated assault, vehicle thefts, homicides and drug incidents.

There were five part 1 crimes in the 6th ward this month. Comparatively that is very good. Some neighborhoods have many more felony violations. Any time you see someone suspicious on the street, please call the police. Please keep your vehicle secure. Stuffed with love delivers to anybody who wants it. We delivered 965 dinners in Zone 2 last year and 3000 all together across the City.

Things that may seem innocuous may not be. For example: LU talked to a resident about the recent heroin overdoses in the neighborhood. A resident noticed that someone was going in to the port o john and then someone went in after. This was reported to the police and can be very useful to them. The port o john was being used as a drop site.

The anonymous complaint form is an easy way to report a crime without any identifying information. All you do is put what happened. If you don’t want an affiliation with the police you can mail it in. You can also call Lawrenceville United and we can report it.


Guest presentation from Solar City

Lawrenceville has been an innovative neighborhood in terms of sustainable energy and green buildings. LU has mentioned that the cost of solar panels is a big issue. The solar panels at Solar City are installed for free. Solar City charges a lower price than Duquesne Light for utility. They offset the cost of the electricity bill. Solar City has been around for 9 1/2 years. Tesla just bought the company. The company is going in a positive direction. Panels on the home means that your home will be creating energy.  Powering home with the energy you created earlier. Duquesne Light costs have gone up by 67% in the last five years. Solar City’s rate of increase in 2.9%

Cut that in half and that’s whatever the cost may be in five years with Solar City/Tesla.

Homeowners can choose where they’re getting a lower rate. When Solar City does an assessment, they look at your bill, how much energy can be offset for you and how many panels can fit on your roof.


Q: Is there a targeted geographic area here you work?

A: Duquesne Light. Solar City moved to Pittsburgh in May, trying to open other utilities as we keep growing but for now Duquesne Light is the area we work in.

The program is a 20 year program, panel removal is an option or you can continue with the same panels for another 10 years.

Q: What’s the average life span of the panels?

A: 35-40 years – decrease a little bit in efficiency

Q: What maintenance is needed?

A: The homeowner has to cover whatever happens to the panel except whatever is covered by warranty. Eight panels are the minimum. Solar City can show what you’re offsetting by using the panels.

Q: How big are the panels?

A: 3×5 Solar City assesses whether or not the roof would be qualified for solar panels.

Q: Does Solar City do large scale commercial contracts?

Solar City is residential only at this time.

Solar City partners with Home Depot


LC’s Matt Galluzzo introduces Coca Café

Public process review: LC and LU meet with new liquor licenses and new developments and then invite them to a community meeting to be vetted by the neighborhood. Owners are invited to present at community meetings on a volunteer basis.

Guest presentation from Coca Café

Coca Café has posted an orange placard to start serving alcohol at the café

Coca Café has been in Lawrenceville for 12 years

Serve breakfast and lunch Tuesday-Saturday. Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days. Anywhere from a 1-2 hour wait on weekends. People from out of town come to Lawrenceville just to come to Coca. We try to use local purveyors and hire staff from Lawrenceville. Now with farm to table, everyone is using local purveyors but 12 years ago no one was doing that.

Started getting a regular crowd with the small plates dinner. Part of what was missing was the liquor aspect. With the alcohol Saturday and Sunday will be our big days. We will serve bloody marys and mimosas for brunch. Current hours are 9-3, with the liquor license we will have a 4-6 happy hour, snack menu and stay open late to sell liquor. Using local people to provide the food. Dessert menu to be paired with coffee and tea cocktails. This is a niche that Coca can fill and it would fit well here.

Suggestion to bring a maple bacon cocktail to the cocktail menu

Will be open until 9 or 10pm through the week, likely Tuesday-Saturday. Sunday and Monday not open in the evening.

Breakfast for dinner is an idea for the future


Q: Is there a parking issue at Coca Cafe?

A: Parking is a problem everywhere in Lawrenceville. Coca is very busy now, but people seem to manage. All of the staff at Coca bike to work. There has been no extra parking in the twelve years that they’ve been meeting. Evening is the issue, residents are going to have to turn their roofs in to parking garages.

Matt from LC: Working on a shared public/private parking garage at Arsenal Terminal site (Milhaus) that could be used to relieve pressure on the entire district. Milhaus has agreed to it, but need to make it work.

Dave from LU: Working with Councilwoman Gross’s office to set up a meeting specifically related to parking in the next couple months.



Lawrenceville Food Pantry Location Change: will be at St Mary’s until St Aug’s renovates their space. At St. Mary’s for the next 18 months

LOCG Volunteer Days – Wednesdays 6-7 PM at McCandless & Natrona

Tree Park Workday – 2nd Mondays @ 5:30 PM at Stanton & Keystone

Duncan Workday – 4th Mondays @ 5:30 PM at 54th and Duncan, Duncan  and Stanton park decommissioned by the City, residents are leading that work.

Doughboy Project Community Meeting #3 – 10/27, 6 PM, Clemente Museum

Community Land Trust meetings in November-December, check website locations

Pet costume awards for the best dressed dog

LU Membership Meeting – 11/1, 6:30-8 PM @ Full Pint

Next 6th Ward Block Watch meeting – Monday  11/28 at 6:30 PM

Mineral Way has been closed for over a year, but should be open this week.

Pints on Penn may be adding new programming, stay tuned for if there is a 6th Ward meeting location change.

4501 Butler Street Meeting Notes

4501 Butler Street Meeting Notes

Topic: 4501 Butler Street

9th Ward Neighborhood Block Watch

Approximately 37 people attended

Presenting: Joel Bolden and Chris Morgan

Morgan’s BBQ: Three employees from Brooklyn location

Public Safety Update, see Block Watch meting minutes for full report

Public Safety announcement: Officer Antoine Davis, Zone 2 Police: Town Hall meeting, September 28 at 7:00 pm. Lawrenceville Branch of the Carnegie Public Library 279 Fiske Street


311 Update

Wendy Urbanic:

  • 10th anniversary this year
  • Progress continues in Lawrenceville with engaging the community
  • 311 and Lawrenceville United have the same goal – to provide inclusive, resident-driven community–based services for the benefit of the community. – inserted and paraphrased from the website
  • 311 has gotten new software and can create individual accounts for individual requests for tracking community problems
  • 311 has expanded its hours of operation from 7am-7pm (confirm)
  • Social media (text, tweet) is an effective way to communicate with 311
  • 311 wishes to get requests to the appropriate departments as quickly as possible to process requests
  • Police have been responsive. If a delay and responding to a problem will occur, it can be communicated to the resident who called it in


  • Difference between when to call 311 and when to call 911. Parking issues and non-immediate concerns would be directed to 311. Emergency calls are given priority.
  • Mayor’s office is using 311 data to track issues
  • If there is a disruption due to noise, call 911. All request should be assigned a tracking number
  • Property violations are attended to within three days. The next step for the complaint is to go to the magistrate. The penalty is determined by the magistrate’s office.
  • Requests regarding signs take 8-10 weeks to replace
  • Streets and sidewalk requests take weeks; pavement lines are done separately, lag time is an issue with these requests
  • Block watch works with police to enforce driving infractions
  • Leslie Park bike ride, inappropriate exposure should be reported
  • Discussion on bicycle safety, bicycles as nuisances and cyclists as not obeying traffic rules
  • Definition of affordable housing If less than 305 of income goes to housing it is considered affordable
  • If someone earns 80% of what the median income is, that person should be able to access (affordable) home ownership
  • Discussion around affordable housing projects in Lawrenceville and issues around parking with newly built affordable housing



City Council hearing input on affordable housing opportunity fund – 9/21 @ 5:30 PM

Lawrenceville Community Association October 2 house tour

Tickets must be bought in advance ($15), tour map available

Lawrenceville Food Pantry Location Change

LOCG Volunteer Days – Wednesdays 6-7 PM

Tree Park Workday – 2nd Mondays @ 5:30 PM

Duncan Workday – 4th Mondays @ 6 PM

City Council hearing input on affordable housing opportunity fund – 9/21 @ 5:30 PM

Sunnyside Tour – 10/6 @ 9 AM

Next Block Watch – 9th Ward October 19 @ 6:30 PM

Halloween Party – 10/29 @ Arsenal Park, 1-4 PM


Morgan’s BBQ

Ground rules summary

Introduction by Dave Breingan

Video presentation

  • Parking
  • Music
  • Slow cook brisket and ribs
  • Other restaurant name is Elbow Room


Cuisine Texas-style BBQ

Zoning Requirements No variances needed, as there will be no change to be building footprint. The existing building will be renovated.

Liquor License Business owners will be applying next week.

Hours Monday – Wednesday 11am – 1am; Thursday – Saturday 11am – 2am; Sunday 11am – 12pm

Alcohol Prices $6-14

Menu Prices $6-32

Family-Friendly Yes

Lot Size 24000sq ft

Building Size 2200sq ft

Seats 74, including 12 at bar

Employees 25-30

Timeline summer 2017 opening

Take out Yes

Call business owner directly with issues or concerns Chris Morgan: 646-372-8377.



  • Use of parking lot will be for parking and entertainment
    • Non-residents of Lawrenceville may not be accommodated by provided parking.
  • Noise could be problem, how will it be mitigated?
    • Business owners have permits necessary
  • A precipitator will break up the smell of cooking meat
  • We don’t need a new restaurant in the neighborhood
  • Residential streets are congested with business parking
  • Neighborhood would benefit from a garage
  • If residents leave in the evening hours, they can’t park when they return
  • Public transit is limited in Pittsburgh
  • Suggestion to offer a shuttle serve to Strip district, etc for patrons
  • Encourage business owners to offer discounts for residents
  • Business would fill a niche, Texas BBQ is underserved in the neighborhood
  • Elbow room already exists in Pittsburgh – the Brooklyn Elbow Room could be accommodated under the Morgan’s BBQ umbrella here
  • Valet parking discussion, take away from existing businesses
  • Resident asked about an incident that Joel Bolden had at The Abbey in Lawrenceville. Bolden was asked to leave The Abbey following the incident.
  • Neighborhood can be assured that incidents will be addressed before they get out of control at Morgan’s BBQ and behavior will be what residents would expect of a business owner
  • Could a neighborly reminder about noise and behavior be printed on receipts? Yes
  • Property will be leased
  • Remember that seniors are lifelong residents and accessibility if important to them
  • Price points from Brooklyn restaurant will be adjusted for Pittsburgh price points
  • Hiring – difficult to find qualifies applicants, LU program with Goodwill -Lawrenceville Works- could partner
  • Bike racks will be provided
  • Meeting minutes to be posted on LU website