Heartland Homes Development


We have had community conversations around the new housing development on former cemetery property that runs parallel to 46th Street and adjacent to Bancroft, Carlton, and Davison.  Heartland Homes/ Waterford Partners plan to build 32 townhomes.  They are proceeding with the installation of infrastructure lines and you will see this work on Butler where Leslie Park meets the cemetery.  They will be seeking variances on October 9th for the project for the set back of two buildings as part of the development.  We will be discussing this project at the Happenings Block Watch on September 16th at 7:00 pm at St. Mary’s Lyceum.



December 2012, we held a meeting regarding the proposed town home development at the end of Bancroft/ Carlton and Davison Streets (on the former St. Margaret’s Health Facility parking lot).  The property was purchased from the Catholic Cemeteries Association and the developer was proposing 32 for sale town homes and the development project , as proposed, would have called for a few variances/ special exceptions. The residents adjacent to the project had concerns about the design of the project, but also the impact of the project on their quality of life. These concerns were shared by the community organizations and communicated back to the development team.   Since then, the developers have worked to create a plan that they believe they could build by right, anticipating that they might have opposition to any variances that they would have pursued.  A revised plan that they have created has been shared with both LU and LC that identifies 36 rental town homes.   The plan still calls for a private road to be put in off of Bancroft that would run parallel to 46th.  The entrance to the development would be via Bancroft and a one-way road would run through the site.  The developers are currently working through site plan review with the City Planning Department and are also working with PWSA on water/ sewer line issues. Their anticipated time frame was to begin construction in the spring, and we will continue to provide updates to you all as they progress.    
Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions by emailing info@Lunited.org or calling Lauren at 412-802-7220.



Decision for the Zoning Board:
The case below regarding a proposed 31-unit development on Davison Street was to be held on January 31st but the applicant requested a continuance.  The Zoning Board denied the request for a continuance and ultimately the request for a variance (but without prejudice) based on the following Conclusions of Law:

1. The Board deliberated and per their powers under Section 923.02 determined that in light of the many requests by the Applicant for a continuance this case must be denied without prejudice.

2. Permitting another continuance would create an unnecessary burden for members of the public who have attended the previously continued hearings.

Case 231 of 2012
Date of Decision: February 21, 2013

UPDATE: The developers have indicated that they are working on a new site plan and once that is made available LU will schedule another community meeting for impacted residents.



At the previously scheduled zoning hearing on December 13th,  the Developers attended to request a continuance and a new hearing date.  The new date is January 31st at 10:10 am.  We believe that they are working on a new site plan and a new configuration for the site, but we have not yet received any updated plans.  If we receive any updated information or site plans, we will be in touch and will convene a meeting to discuss the new plans and the  upcoming zoning hearing.

Sorrell’s Pub – 5238 Butler Street (Former Bottles)

Update: 1/22/2018

Lawrenceville United, Lawrenceville Corporation, and six residents filed a protest/petition to intervene in opposition to another proposed liquor license at 5238 Butler Street due to community concerns about owner James Haney’s criminal background that were raised during their first application in 2013. The City of Pittsburgh and Representative Dom Costa also filed petitions to intervene.

We thank Councilwoman Deb Gross, Mayor Peduto, and Rep. Dom Costa for their leadership. We thank State Senator Wayne Fontana and State Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, who submitted letters supporting our efforts. We also thank Lawrenceville Corporation and the residents who filed a petition to intervene.

Stay in touch for further updates on 5238 Butler Street, including any upcoming hearings or community meetings.


Update: 7.30.2014


As part of our open responsible hospitality community process,  Lawrenceville United petitioned to intervene and oppose a person to person liquor license transfer to Sorrel’s Pub , LLC.  Sorrel’s Pub, LLC, owner: James Haney and manager: Tom Simonic, seek to open a pub/ restaurant at 5238 Butler Street (former Bottles’ Pub) based on the concerns voiced by the community following a community meeting in 2013.  LU opposed the transfer because of the reputation and character of the individuals involved in the transfer, their past experiences in the nighttime entertainment industry, and concerns with the overall business plan, or lack thereof.  Sorrel’s Pub, LLC had been denied their liquor license approval by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board following a hearing in February where LU and partners opposed the transfer and provided testimony.


Sorrel’s Pub, LLC appealed the decision to the Court of Common Please.  LU appeared in front of Judge Terrence O’Brien on July 29th with their pro-bono attorney – Tom Madigan of Pepper Hamilton, and in partnership with the PLCB.  Sorrel’s Pub, LLC and their legal team argues that LU did not have standing to intervene as they did not represent the interests of the greater community.  Following testimony from Lauren Byrne, E.D. of LU, the Judge did grant LU standing in the matter.  The hearing proceeded and Sorrel’s Pub, LLC provided information regarding the reputation and character of their owner and manager.  Thank you to the LC’s Moira Egler,  Nighttime Economy Manager for the City of Pittsburgh Maya Henry, and Becky Thatcher of LU for attending the hearing.  Thank you as well to the many individuals who submitted letters of support and signed petitions to support LU’s position.


Briefs will be submitted by all parties to the Judge, and the upon review, the Judge will make a ruling on the issue.  Please call the office for more details or information.



Update: 7.23.2014

The LCB denied their liquor license request, however the attorney representing Sorrell’s Pub, LLC is appealing the decision to the Court of Common Pleas.  They are appealing both the decision that the LCB made saying that LU had standing to oppose and intervene in the liquor license transfer (saying that we are not located within the area nor do we represent the interests of those in the area).  Additionally, they are appealing the overall decision made by the LCB to not grant the license.

Lawrenceville United will have to appear before Judge Terrence O’Brien in Court of Common Please on Tuesday, July 29th at 9:00 am.  Our attorney will be present. It could last an hour or a few hours.

We have been asked to have individuals that are impacted there if they are comfortable to help us show that we do indeed represent those in the community.  No one would have to testify but it would help us to have some of those impacted present with us.  We do understand that the individuals involved can be intimidating, so we understand if you are unavailable or not comfortable but please let us know either way.  The LCB’s attorney plans to attend as well with information on recent incidents involving the listed owner and manager of Sorrel’s.

Please let us know if you can attend, and please check in with your neighbors o neighboring businesses to see if they might be interested especially if they are locate within the 500 ft. radius of the proposed establishment. We can provide transportation.

Lawrenceville United office – 412.802.7220.


Update: 4.18.2014

Lawrenceville United protested the liquor license application for Sorrel’s Pub located at 5238 Butler Street (Former Bottle’s Pub).  We protested the license because of concerns with the individuals who were proposed to own and manage the restaurant/ bar and their criminal histories as well as experience with irresponsibly managed bars, as well as issues related to the plan to stay open 24/7, and little detail around the overall business plan for the business.We have been notified that the Liquor Control Board denied the liquor license application and ruled in our favor.  The owners may file an appeal and there will be future legal proceedings, but the LCB did deny the initial liquor license application.  Please contact LU with questions or concerns.


Update: 2.10.2014

On February 6, 2014, Lawrenceville United, Lawrenceville Corporation, and Lawrenceville residents and businesses were joined by representatives from State Representative Adam Ravenstahl’s office and Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s Nuisance Bar Task Force , and with support from Senator Ferlo, Councilwoman Gross, and Mayor Peduto’s Office for the Pittsburgh Liquor Control Board (PLCB) hearing regarding the Sorrell’s Pub (please include address) person to person transfer liquor license application.

The hearing went as well as to be expected and Lawrenceville United and Nuisance Bar Task Force representatives testified to concerns of the neighbors.   Much of the conversation focused on the listed and owners’ criminal histories and/ or past history with irresponsible license management.  We want to thank Tom Madigan of Pepper Hamilton for representing Lawrenceville United and working hard on behalf of the community.

A decision should be released in a few weeks.  We will notify the community as soon as we are notified.


Update: 8.16.2013

Lawrenceville United’s petition to intervene was accepted by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and a hearing will be scheduled.



A part of our Responsible Hospitality Community Process,  a meeting was held on July 9, 2013 at the Door of Hope Church to discuss the Sorrel’s Pub.  Applicants Thomas Simonic and James Haney were present in addition to their legal counsel.  They presented plans to open a restaurant/ pub that would serve lunch and dinner, but that would also offer a late night menu.  Liquor would be served from 7 am – 2 am, and the business would remain open later for food service.  Concerns raised by community attendees included the applicants’ past experience in the bar/ restaurant industry, as well as issues that could arise regarding traffic, noise, and disruptive behavior.  If any resident or stakeholder would like more information please call Lawrenceville United at 412-802-7220 or by emailing us at info@Lunited.org.



Canterbury Renovations – 310 Fisk Street

Canterbury Place Updates and Renovations


From UPMC:

The project inside Canterbury Place has been going well.  We are currently working on the 4th and 3rd floors.  Our schedule has us completing the 4th floor work in May and the 3rd floor work in July.  We will start the 2nd floor work after the 4th floor is completed with the entire project completing by the end of the year if not earlier. 

 We have a new chiller unit that will sit on the roof of the third floor of Canterbury Place.  In order to set this unit we will have to close Fisk street on Saturday March 7th for 4 to 5 hours.  We will start early around 7:00 so that the street is open by noon.  We will be setting up a crane in our drive into the garage to lift the unit into place.  The majority of the time the street is closed is for preparation for the lifts.  There will be at least 2 lifts as the chiller will be in at least two pieces.  I have requested a plan from the contractor showing the area impacted and the posted detour so you may distribute it ahead of time.  I will forward that soon as I have it. 

 Obviously this will be weather dependent work and hopefully the cold windy snowy weather that is forecasted for this weekend will not be an issue on the weekend of the lift.  If we should have to cancel the lift for any reason, I will give you as much notice as possible.

We know this in an inconvenience to those who live on Fisk and in the area and will be doing everything we can to minimize the duration of the closure.



The renovation of Canterbury Place to include a Dialysis Clinic is underway. Crews have started to frame the new rooms on the 4th floor and have begun the demolition work on the 3rd floor. Right now, it is all internal work and construction. Construction of the parking lot is not slated to begin until late spring, and the new roof units will be added once the weather is nicer.


Residents met with Canterbury Place representatives to discuss their renovation plans for 3 floors of Canterbury Place.  The 3 floor renovation would allow them to add more skilled nursing beds, which they are currently at a 98% occupancy, to meet the demand.  As part of the stipulation from the state, Canterbury Place must also have an on-site dialysis center to qualify for the additional beds.
In order to build the dialysis center, a small parking lot will be placed on Fisk Street near the double doors, uphill from the main entrance.  The parking lot will hold 5 cars and will incorporate landscaping and extensive greening to that portion of the Fisk Street facade.
You can find the full power point that representatives presented here.
To accommodate their renovations, Canterbury Place will be filing for a Change of Use and Special Exception, allow proper set-back for parking lot, with the Zoning Board of Adjustments.
Residents, primarily, seemed concerned over the length and impact of the construction, as well as, the frequency of use for the parking lot.
Once zoning approval comes through, Canterbury Place representatives planned to meet with Lawrenceville United, Lawrenceville Corporation, and residents to discuss ways to mitigate the impact of the project for residents.

Development at 41st and Butler – Thunderbird

UPDATE: 2.27.2014

On February 25th, Judge James rendered a decision in favor of Lawrenceville United and Lawrenceville Corporation’s appeal of the zoning decision for the Thunderbird expansion.  For more information check out these articles:





Update: 8.1.2013

Zoning has approved the Development at 41st and Butler.  Currently Lawrenceville United is appealing the decision.


Update: 4.12.2013

Lawrenceville United, represented by Tom Madigan of Pepper Hamilton, attended the zoning hearing on April 11th to oppose the variances and special exceptions requested for the proposed Development at 41st and Butler, which includes an expansion of the Thunderbird Café.  Several residents, in addition to Lawrenceville United, Lawrenceville Corporation, and Councilman Patrick Dowd attended to testify in opposition.  The community organizations support the current Thunderbird as it exists now, but opposed an expansion because of the impact it could have on the adjacent residential and commercial corridors.  A decision should be made after attorneys for both parties submit Findings upon receipt of the transcript and the Zoning Board’s review. Thank you to all of the residents who have worked so hard on this issue and those who took time out of their day to attend the hearing.



Proposed “Development at 41st and Butler” requires zoning approval.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
6:00 pm | Arsenal 6-8 Auditorium
220 40th Street (enter from steps on 40th Street)

Lawrenceville Holdings VI LP, the owners of Thunderbird Café  (4023 Butler Street) and other adjacent properties have filed for zoning approvals relative to their new development plans.  Zoning approvals are being sought to expand the current Thunderbird Café, to develop a new restaurant at the corner of 41stand Butler, and to redevelop residential apartment units. hearing will be held on April 11,

The Zoning Board of Adjustments has scheduled a hearing on April 11, 2013 at 9:10 in the first floor conference room of 200 Ross Street (Downtown Pittsburgh) to review the following requests:
·         Special Exception: 911.02 use of restaurant (general) is a Special Exception in LNC zoning
·         District Special Exception: 914.07.G.2(a) off-site parking shall be authorized in accordance with a Special Exception; valet parking incorporating 3 off-site locations proposed
·         Variance: 914.07.G.2(a).1 no off-site parking space shall be located more than 1,000ft from the primary entrance of the use and one valet parking lot location is greater than 1,000ft maximum distance
·         Variance: 918.03.A off-street parking areas shall be screened on all sides and no screening proposed

As part of the Responsible Hospitality and Growth Process adopted by the Lawrenceville Planning Team, you are invited to attend a public meeting for this project to learn more about what is being proposed for your neighborhood and to provide feedback. Please share with your neighbors and friends.



Development at 41st and Butler
A meeting was held December 17, 2012 for residents and business owners to learn more about proposed plans for development at 41st and Butler Streets.  The plans call for the expansion of the Thunderbird café – to become a 600-650 person venue, a new restaurant, and 6 residential units.  Parking has been identified on-site for the residential units, and valet parking is being considered for patrons, with satellite lots at the end of 38th Street and at the former Washington VI Tech school.  Notes are available from the meeting.  The developers have not yet applied for any zoning variances or liquor license approvals, and when applications have been filed, another meeting will be held to discuss the development.  Please let us know if you would like additional information.  Notes from the meeting can be found here.


IMPORTANT MEETING regarding a proposed new business at 4811 Butler St. in Lawrenceville

Thursday, October 10, 2013
6:00 pm
Boys & Girls Club
4600 Butler Street

Priyyash Inc. (Neil Shah – Manager ) is planning to open “Beer on Butler” a Beer Distributor that will also sell groceries and tobacco products at 4811 Butler Street.

Priyyash, Inc. has applied for a Distributor Liquor License (LID 68811, License No. D1537) , listing Liquor License Officer:  Neil Shah (Manager).  As part of the community process, you are encouraged to attend this meeting to learn more about their business.

Important Meeting regarding the restoration and redevelopment of the St. Mary’s Academy Building and the current Masterplan for the site.

Tuesday October 1, 2013
7:00 pm
St. Mary’s Lower Lyceum
333 45th Street

Please join us on Tuesday, October 1st at 7 pm at St. Mary’s Lyceum (333 45th Street)  to learn more regarding the plans for the redevelopment of St. Mary’s Church and St. Mary’s Academy Building on 46th Street.  Joe Huber from the Catholic Cemeteries Association will present a master plan for the site that includes a plan to restore and reuse these buildings, and the potential vacation of a portion of 46th Street.  Please come out to learn more.

A Special Offer for Lawrenceville Residents from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra!

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Spaghetti Dinner to Benefit Lawrenceville Dog Run

Friday, October 4, 2013

Teamster Temple: 4701 Butler Street


The Lawrenceville Gourmet Spaghetti Dinner returns to the neighborhood’s Teamster Temple on Friday, October 4, 2013, in celebration of the Bernard Dog Runʼs official one year anniversary.

In March of 2012, the Lawrenceville Gourmet Spaghetti Dinner helped generate the much needed funding, along with support from Paint the Town, Lawrenceville United, Duquesne Light, and the City of Pittsburgh, to publicly open the gates to the Bernard Dog Run on October 4, 2012.

Located at the Lawrenceville Riverfront Trail and 40th Street Bridge, the Bernard Dog Run was named to honor the legacy of the late Jay Bernard — a Lawrenceville resident, entrepreneur, and abandoned dog advocate.  Bernard pioneered neighborhood involvement in Lawrenceville, serving as a catalyst for community activities, including Art All Night, the Joy of Cookies Tour, and the Lawrenceville House Tour. He founded The Boys of Lawrenceville and created its Gourmet Spaghetti Dinner fund-raiser in 2004 to benefit local families and organizations.

Now, the spaghetti dinner serves as an annual fund-raiser for the Bernard Dog Run initiative, started in 2008, to offset ongoing maintenance costs and to further improve the dog run.  This yearʼs dinner will be held at the Teamster Temple, 4701 Butler Street, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and the evening will include a generous meal, silent auction, raffles, and music.

Advanced tickets are available at Espresso a Mano, Gallery on 43rd Street, and online for $12 per person. Tickets purchased at the door will be $15 per person, and children under the age of 10 eat free.

Volunteers and donations are needed to help support the continuation of this annual spaghetti dinner fund-raiser. For more information about the event, tickets, donations, and volunteer opportunities, please visit BernardDogRun.org/SpaghettiDinner.


Chris Lugo, Co-Event Chair

JOIN US! Lawrenceville United Bi-Annual Membership Meeting

October 15, 2013th

St. Mary’s Lower Lyceum

333 45th Street | 6:30p

We would like to invite you to attend our General Membership meeting on Tuesday October 15th at 6:30p.  Each year, Lawrenceville United hosts two (2) General Membership meetings, in the spring and fall to report on the work that has been completed, the work that is planned, and to engage the membership around priorities for moving forward.  LU is a resident-driven organization and we hope that you will join us to discuss those important issues facing our community now and how we can all work together to address them.  These meetings are also a great time to come to get caught up on development projects, or other community happenings and updates.

If you are not a member in current standing, you can renew, or sign-up for a new membership, at the meeting.  It is $5.00 for an annual membership, or $35.00 for a lifetime membership.

Your priorities are our work-plan so please join us so that we can move forward with a shared vision in protecting and improving the quality of life in Lawrenceville for all residents and stakeholders.

Love Your Block Round 2 & ReEnergize Pittsburgh’s “BLACK AND GOLD CITY GOES GREEN” Blitz

On October 5th, Lawrenceville United will be hosting a second round of work at Paper Street Place, thanks to ServePGH’s “Best Block Revitalization Project” by the Mayor’s Love Your Block program .  Volunteers will work from 9a – 2p focused on laying stepping stones, sealing the mural created by local artist David Calfo, planting blubs for the spring, laying mulch, painting the picnic tables and steps, and more!  Tools, supplies, breakfast, and snacks will be provided.


In addition, GTECH’s ReEnergize Pittsburgh Program is having a blitz throughout the neighborhood and at the park. Come to the park and receive a free bag of energy efficient tools to use in your home, like CFL light bulbs and a smart power strip.  The bags are provided by Black and Gold City Goes Green and Duquesne Light as part of their Watt Choices program.  The blitz will run from 10a – 1p with lunch provided. The Black and City Goes Green is a project of PennFuture and is the community arm of the Pittsburgh Climate Initiative. The campaign works to educate Pittsburgh residents on energy efficiency and how to take green actions in their lives.


  1. If you would like to help revitalize Paper Street Place and continue the gardening efforts, please join us at Paper Street Place (120 51st Street) at 9a. 
  2. If you would like to help ReEnergize Pittsburgh with their blitz, please join Cleo at 4928 Hatfield Street at 10a.  RSVP to reenergize.lawrenceville@gmail.com


You can come early and stay late and help with both activities if you like!

See you October 5th!