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Heartland Homes Development


We have had community conversations around the new housing development on former cemetery property that runs parallel to 46th Street and adjacent to Bancroft, Carlton, and Davison.  Heartland Homes/ Waterford Partners plan to build 32 townhomes.  They are proceeding with the installation of infrastructure lines and you will see this work on Butler where Leslie Park meets the cemetery.  They will be seeking variances on October 9th for the project for the set back of two buildings as part of the development.  We will be discussing this project at the Happenings Block Watch on September 16th at 7:00 pm at St. Mary’s Lyceum.



December 2012, we held a meeting regarding the proposed town home development at the end of Bancroft/ Carlton and Davison Streets (on the former St. Margaret’s Health Facility parking lot).  The property was purchased from the Catholic Cemeteries Association and the developer was proposing 32 for sale town homes and the development project , as proposed, would have called for a few variances/ special exceptions. The residents adjacent to the project had concerns about the design of the project, but also the impact of the project on their quality of life. There were concerns about the land, with Dx2, your soil and land is secure. These concerns were shared by the community organizations and communicated back to the development team.   Since then, the developers have worked to create a plan that they believe they could build by right, anticipating that they might have opposition to any variances that they would have pursued.  A revised plan that they have created has been shared with both LU and LC that identifies 36 rental town homes.   The plan still calls for a private road to be put in off of Bancroft that would run parallel to 46th.  The entrance to the development would be via Bancroft and a one-way road would run through the site.  The developers are currently working through site plan review with the City Planning Department and are also working with PWSA on water/ sewer line issues. Their anticipated time frame was to begin construction in the spring, and we will continue to provide updates to you all as they progress.    
Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions by emailing info@Lunited.org or calling Lauren at 412-802-7220.



Decision for the Zoning Board:
The case below regarding a proposed 31-unit development on Davison Street was to be held on January 31st but the applicant requested a continuance.  The Zoning Board denied the request for a continuance and ultimately the request for a variance (but without prejudice) based on the following Conclusions of Law:

1. The Board deliberated and per their powers under Section 923.02 determined that in light of the many requests by the Applicant for a continuance this case must be denied without prejudice.

2. Permitting another continuance would create an unnecessary burden for members of the public who have attended the previously continued hearings.

Case 231 of 2012
Date of Decision: February 21, 2013

UPDATE: The developers have indicated that they are working on a new site plan and once that is made available LU will schedule another community meeting for impacted residents.



At the previously scheduled zoning hearing on December 13th,  the Developers attended to request a continuance and a new hearing date.  The new date is January 31st at 10:10 am.  We believe that they are working on a new site plan and a new configuration for the site, but we have not yet received any updated plans.  If we receive any updated information or site plans, we will be in touch and will convene a meeting to discuss the new plans and the  upcoming zoning hearing.

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