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3813 Penn Avenue – Arsenal Cider Lot

Community Meeting:

Off-site Parking for 300 39th Street
6th Ward Block Watch
St. Augustine’s Auditorium – 220 37th Street

Arsenal Cider House, located at 300 39th Street will be presenting plans relevant to the special exceptions that they are seeking for 3813 Penn Avenue from the Zoning Board of Adjustments in a hearing scheduled for March 6th at 9 am at 200 Ross Street to do the following:

  • Create 4 off-site parking spaces to be available for customer and employee use.
  • Allow retail sales to have food trucks, caterer’s, and others set up and sell directly to customers or  to the public.
  • Allow outdoor entertainment in the milder months.  Music would feature jazz, bluegrass, and traditional music.

Bill Larkin will be on hand to discuss the proposed plans and to answer any questions or concerns.

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