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Lawrenceville Corporation Statement Regarding the Former Iron City Brewery Site

From Matthew Galluzzo, Executive Director Lawrenceville Corporation

As many of you know, the Lawrenceville Corporation (LC) has been working over the past year with our neighborhood partners and Collier Development LP, the owners of the former Iron City Brewery site, to complete a master planning process that would guide redevelopment efforts on the site. Despite our best efforts to convince them otherwise, it appears that Collier Development LP is uninterested in developing, and being guided by, a candid understanding of whether various historic buildings at the former brewery site could feasibly be reused.  Their lack of flexibility has made a fruitful planning effort impossible.  Last week the LC notified Collier Development LP that we would be withdrawing from the process.  To read more, please visit: http://lvpgh.com/icb.

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