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Recap of Community Development Activities Meeting with Camp Eight Capital regarding 108 43rd St (formerly Kaleidoscope Cafe)

Camp Eight Capital is proposing a new 100 housing unit development at 43rd & Willow St. As part of LU & LC’s community process, a Community Development Activities Meeting (CDAM) was held for Camp Eight to present their plans to the community on Thursday, 4/27 at 6:30 PM.

The meeting was held virtually over Zoom and was attended by twenty community members. Sarah Trbovic (Lawrenceville Corporation) and Dave Breingan (Lawrenceville United) began the meeting with expectation setting and general overview of the community process.

Ryan Indovina (the architect involved with the project) then went through the plans for the development. Once Mr. Indovina’s presentation was completed, the community members present were able to ask questions of the Camp Eight Developers. Questions focused primarily on parking in and around the area of the proposed development.

The Camp Eight team and affiliates were then thanked for their time and community members were able to voice any further concerns directly to LU and LC. You can review the presentation and meeting below:

Facebook Live of Camp Eight CDAM

Zoom Recording of Camp Eight CDAM

LU/LC Presentation for Camp Eight CDAM

Camp Eight’s Presentation

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