Lawrenceville United and Lawrenceville Corporation staff with Jim Nied
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Recap of Community Development Activities Meeting on 5438 Butler St (formerly Nied’s Hotel)

A person-to-person liquor license has been applied for by the potential new owners of 5438 Butler St (formerly Nied’s Hotel) as plans for new ownership and development for the space are finalized. As part of LU & LC’s community process, a Community Development Activities Meeting (CDAM) was held for Camp Eight to present their plans to the community on Wednesday, 5/17 at 6:30 PM at the Persad Center. Virtual attendance was available via LU’s Facebook page.

Abi Gildea (Business District & Communications Manager, Lawrenceville Corporation) and Dave Breingan (Executive Director, Lawrenceville United) began the meeting with expectation setting and general overview of the community process.

Mary Verratti, We Buy Homes LLC and one of the 4 potential new owners of 5438 Butler St., then presented the plans for the site. The team plans to keep the space, formerly Nied’s Hotel, as a bar/restaurant on the sidewalk level and building out a 13 room hotel in the upstairs. They shared potential menu items, which include the famous Nied’s fish sandwich. Those currently living in the space are being supported in either staying or moving out of the space based on their interests.

Following the presentation, the question and answer period was open to those present in person and virtually. Mary Verratti was joined by two additional members of the team Leigh Yock and Tom Barr (of Spirit) to answer questions. Many of the questions focused on parking and noise. As of now, the potential new buyers will not have parking spaces for all hotel units, and the community expressed concern about impacts to existing residents. They will continue to communicate with community members about this moving forward. Then, in terms of noise, the plan is to continue to use the Amphitheater space for musical acts as has been done in the past, and they do not plan to go past 10 PM.

The potential new ownership team were then thanked for their time and community members were able to voice any further concerns directly to LU and LC. Below you can review the presentation, information sheet, view the meeting, and provide feedback:

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