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Industry Public House Expansion

A community meeting for Industry Public House was held on June 11th.  We had about 20 residents in attendance.  The owners presented their plan to expand their dining area. Industry has received no violations since opening in March, 2012.   They will be expanding their current kitchen, and then putting more dining table seating in the new expanded area.  They will net about 30 additional seats through the expansion. They plan to use this space, which will be somewhat separated from the main area by the brick wall and small openings that can be closed off with custom built barn doors, for those who are looking for a quieter dining experience, for private events, meetings, etc.  There will be no high-top tables, only dining table seating.  There will be a small serving bar.  There will also be operational windows.  They had considered sidewalk seating but are no longer pursuing that now because of the width of the sidewalk.  By zoning code, they are required to provide 11 parking spaces.  Right now the owners have 8 spaces at the rear of their business, and they will be installing bike parking, In addition they have an agreement with two other leased spaces in Eden Way.  With these spaces and the bike parking they have met the requirement.  Everyone at the meeting acknowledged that the zoning code is NOT meeting the needs of parking in these growing business districts and we explained that we are working to introduce a zoning overlay for our district that would change these standards so that we don’t continue to welcome high occupancy with no planned parking to accommodate them. The majority of the residents signed in support.
Update:  Industry Public House’s expansion was approved.  They will be working with the community through the construction phase.

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