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Recertification of RPP Area A Issues

A message from the Office of Councilwoman Deborah L. Gross:

This past fall, a series of public meetings were held to explain a proposal to divide what is now known as RPPP Area A into three smaller “sub-areas,” allowing for more efficient and effective enforcement of the Residential Permit Parking Program in Area A. This division was proposed to make enforcement more controllable and manageable. In conjunction with this proposed change, residents living in RPPP Area A were also given the opportunity to update their enforcement hours.

In the time that these changes were proposed to RPPP Area A residents, there was a five-month vacancy in City Council representation in City Council District 7 which was the result of Patrick Dowd’s resignation from City Council in June 2013. Councilwoman Deb Gross was elected to fill this vacancy in a November 2013 election, and was officially sworn-in to represent City Council District 7 – which includes RPPP Area A – in early December of 2013. During this period, our Council office has heard concerns from residents that the proposed changes to Area A occurred without representation for affected residents in City Council.

With this in mind, Councilwoman Gross has asked for this additional mailing to be distributed to residents, allowing neighbors living in Area A an opportunity to express concerns about these proposed changes to our office. For a period of two months, the proposed changes will be postponed to allow time for appropriate community input to Councilwoman Gross on this matter. During this period, the enforcement hours of Area A will remain 7 am to 7 pm. Residents should complete their enclosed renewal forms as normal, and will receive Area A permits, which will be able to be exchanged for permits corresponding to the new sub-areas once the community has the time to express any concerns to their elected representative.

Assuming that community members still feel that Area A should be split in accordance with the plan presented by City Planning, these changes will take effect in April 2013. Our office looks forward to working with residents, community groups, and Mr. Holloway of the City Planning Department to help Area A residents make their voice heard in city government.

Please contact the office of Councilwoman Gross with any questions or concerns, 412-255-2140.

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