Recap of July Lawrenceville Happenings: URA Housing Opportunity Fund

Our Lawrenceville Happenings were hosted on Thursday, 7/13/2023 at 6:30 PM at New Alliance Federal Credit Union at 3709 Butler Street. This meeting focused on the URA’s Housing Opportunity Fund and affiliated programs and LU and LC provided updates on events and happenings around the neighborhood. There were 2 in person attendees and 8 virtual attendees throughout the meeting.

Emma Gamble, LU’s Community Engagement and Program Manager, and Kara Kimicata, LC’s gave an overview of LU’s mission & vision and staff roles. They then introduced the URA, including Jahd Burns and Eric Bernheimer, who went through a presentation about the different programs available to homeowners (primarily) and also renters.

Following the presentation, attendees were invited to ask questions. Emma reminded attendees that LU is available to support in applications to any of the URA programs discussed. Please reach out LU for any further support if needed.

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