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Recap from March Happenings Community Meeting: 2022 Crime in Review

Our March Happenings Community Meeting was hosted on 3/9/2023 at 5:30 PM at the library on Fisk Street. The Happenings are the once monthly community meetings hosted by LU and LC on the second Thursdays of the month. There were approximately 20 people present in person and 5 people present over Facebook Live.

The meeting involved a kickoff of events from Dave of LU. He introduced Jeff Tumsis of the New Alliance Federal Credit Union who discussed the purpose of the credit union and welcomed residents to come take advantage of their community space on 3709 Butler St.

Next, Dr. Heath Johnson presented on the crime trends of 2022 throughout the city and Lawrenceville. In our neighborhood, crime has seen a slight increase in comparison to 2020-2021, however crime is down compared to a 5 year average. The highest increase in violence has been seen in the form of aggravated assaults; however, Dr. Johnson noted that these occurrences have been primarily between people who already knew each other. Commander Lackner of the Zone 2 Police department then introduced himself and some of the present Zone 2 officers assigned to Lawrenceville. Commander Lackner answered pressing resident questions.

To conclude events, Dave of LU and Sarah of LC discussed the construction in Arsenal Park, the public art installation survey and upcoming tree planting on 4/1/2023. They reviewed the upcoming events calendar and Dave introduced the plans to discuss the Mobility Enhancement District (MED) in Lawrenceville. The MED will be a focus of the next Happenings on 4/13 and LU and LC will host open houses to discuss the MED further throughout the month and into early May.

If you wish to review the presentation or need further information please see below or contact info@lunited.org:

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