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Recap of Community Meeting on Pressure Chemical

On Thursday, July 27th, at 6:30 PM, Lawrenceville United and Lawrenceville Corporation hosted the Community Development Activities Meetings at St. Augustine Church. The CDAM focused on the proposed addition to Pressure Chemical. Please see below for information related to this CDAM on Pressure Chemical and a proposed expansion.

Pressure Chemical has acquired a lot next to their property and their plans are as follows —

  1. Relocate their dock and daily shipping and receiving activities from Smallman Street to the 115 34th Street property. This will provide an improvement in logistics and safety for their carriers and eliminate the daily routine Smallman traffic disruptions that they can create.
  2. They will create an increased physical separation between inventory from manufacturing to align with best industry practice. This is just an improvement in warehouse safety for Pressure Chemical.
  3. The third objective is kind of twofold — to continue business sustainability and to allow facility optimization. During COVID, supply chain delays were pretty significant and highlighted the need for them to have additional warehousing capacity so they could get away from a “just in time” business model.
  4. As they transition their warehousing to this new property they will be able to recover space within the Smallman facility that will allow them to improve our operational efficiencies.

Review the project sheet below and view the presentation with its accompanying notes.

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