AdvantAGE Mini-grants

Are you a resident of Lawrenceville looking to engage your neighbors around a project, activity, or program?  Then apply for the Lawrenceville AdvantAGE Grant today!


The Lawrenceville AdvantAGE Grant program was developed out of the Senior AdvantAGE program as an opportunity to create a stronger connection between long-time residents, and also between long-time residents and newer residents.  The grants are designed to support activities that residents will plan.  The goal is to create friendships and a strong sense of community while addressing needs as a community.

The grant program offers “mini-grants” from $10 – $500 to support these activities.


All Lawrenceville residents are eligible, however project must include at least one AdvantAGE member.

Grant Guidelines:

  • Project/ event must take place in Lawrenceville.
  • Project/ event must include a diverse group of residents and at least 5 residents over the age of 60.
  • Project/ event must abide by all criteria listed on the application

What types of projects or activities can the money support?

The project, event, or activity can be whatever you want it to be. Some examples of activities that residents have expressed an interest in doing include the following; but activities should not be limited to:

  • Block parties (may want to rent a tent, hire a D.J., get a street permit, cover food costs)
  • Game nights (may want to purchase board games, refreshments, or rent out a room at Stephen Foster Center)
  • Potluck parties
  • Group dinners or participation in local events and shows (shows at the Greybox Theater,  dinner at a local restaurant)
  • Purchase t-shirts or whistles for a walking club
  • Community service and volunteer events

Applicants will be requested to also report out on their completed project with who participated, what the outcome was.

How Do I Apply?

Fill out the application and return to Lawrenceville United.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis but must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to your event.  Applications will be reviewed and a decision will be made within 6 weeks of receipt of the application.


Please call Becky at Lawrenceville United with any questions 412-802-7220.  Email Helen at helen@Lunited.org.

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