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Recap of Community Meeting on Development at 135 51st St (Lobos Management)

On Thursday, November 30th, at 6:30 PM, Lawrenceville United and Lawrenceville Corporation hosted the Community Development Activities Meetings at Goodwill’s Workforce Development Center (118 52nd St). The CDAM focused on proposed development at 135 51st St. The proposed plan calls for 15 rental townhomes to be built on the site.

The meeting open with LU and LC giving introductions and explaining the ground rules of the meeting. The teams then passed the mic to Geoff Campbell and Ron Sobol to present on their plans for the site. Mr. Campbell is the principal architect with Rothschild in the Strip District and Mr. Sobol is from Los Lobos Management.

They discussed the following in their presentation:

  • Los Lobos Management has owned the warehouse at 135 51st St for 20 years and have used it as storage for construction equipment, but now is the time to develop the site more fully for residential uses
    • The 15 townhouses being proposed will be rentals only and the current estimation is that rent will be $2000/month.
    • There will be parking for each townhouse for one car.
    • For the side of the project that faces Spirit, brick will be used to block out sound.
    • The fa├žade design of the townhomes is inspired by old and new architecture in Lawrenceville.
  • The project is in the early stages of development
  • Although this specific project does not require any variances, the project will be reviewed before the planning commission
  • Following this community meeting and the feedback they receive, a plan for the site will be finalized.

Following the presentation, a Community Q&A was opened up. Those questions and answers can be found transcribed within the “Meeting notes” link below. Please use the links below to review the project more fully and provide feedback for the developers. If you have any further questions, please contact LU at 412-802-7220 or info@lunited.org.

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