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Recap of Community Development Activities Meeting for New Residential Development at 39th and Foster

The Community Development Activities Meeting for the new residential developmentat 39th and Foster was held on Thursday, May 30th, at 6:30 PM at the TRYP Hotel (177 40th St). Dalian is developing 300 new units of housing for Lower Lawrenceville and shared their plans for design and construction of this new property. Community members were able to provide feedback and ask questions of the developer, along with LU and LC, following the presentation. Please use the links below to review the presentation and provide feedback that can be shared with Dalian moving forward:

Dalian will be at the City’s Planning Commission on June 25th. If you are interested in providing feedback for LU and LC’s joint letter to the commission, please be sure to fill out the feedback form. Additionally, if you would like to provide public comment on this project directly to the Planning Commission, please contact LU at 412-802-7220 or info@lunited.org and we can support you in doing so.

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