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Lawrenceville Tree Tenders Meet & Greet



Look around Lawrenceville and you can see that this neighborhood is full of beautiful street trees and unique green spaces.  Many hands have supported the work of transforming Lawrenceville into a place with strong community gardens, beautiful parks, and a tree lined main street.

The Lawrenceville Tree Tenders (LVTT) is one of the groups that has been responsible for leading this work in Lawrenceville.  Join the LVTT on Wednesday February 6th2019 from 6pm-8pm at  Full Pint Wild Side Pub (5308 Butler Street) for the Tree Tenders Meet & Greet.  Meet your neighbors, learn about our work, get info on how to request a tree for your sidewalk, and sign up to volunteer with the LVTT.

Remember, we need your to help keep the neighborhood GREEN!

Questions?  Call LU @ 412.802.7220 or email Darrell@lunited.org

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