Lawrenceville Tree Tenders Meet & Greet



Look around Lawrenceville and you can see that this neighborhood is full of beautiful street trees and unique green spaces.  Many hands have supported the work of transforming Lawrenceville into a place with strong community gardens, beautiful parks, and a tree lined main street.

The Lawrenceville Tree Tenders (LVTT) is one of the groups that has been responsible for leading this work in Lawrenceville.  Join the LVTT on Wednesday February 6th2019 from 6pm-8pm at  Full Pint Wild Side Pub (5308 Butler Street) for the Tree Tenders Meet & Greet.  Meet your neighbors, learn about our work, get info on how to request a tree for your sidewalk, and sign up to volunteer with the LVTT.

Remember, we need your to help keep the neighborhood GREEN!

Questions?  Call LU @ 412.802.7220 or email

Lawrenceville Wide Public Safety Meeting 1/15/2019

LU hosted our first Lawrenceville-wide Public Safety Meeting on Tuesday 1/15/2019 at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Lawrenceville branch. Big thanks to the library for hosting, Dr. Heath Johnson from Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Zone 2 Police’s Commander Zett, Officer Davis, and Det. Malloy, Public Safety Director Hissrich and Dan Shak, as well as the offices of Councilwoman Gross, Rep. Innamorato, and Rep. Ravenstahl.

In case you missed the meeting, please see the materials below:

Meeting Notes

Pittsburgh Police Presentation on 2018 Crime Trends

Dept. of Public Safety Presentation on Security Cameras

Your TL;DR version….

The bad news: total crimes are up from last year, driven largely by an increase in property crimes — mainly thefts from auto and burglaries.

The good news: violent crimes continued to decrease, 5 year averages for total crimes are down, Lawrenceville remains safe compared to Zone 2 and the City of Pittsburgh, and 12 public safety cameras are going up around Lawrenceville in the next couple weeks to deter and solve crime.

Regularly scheduled block watches will resume in February and March. Our next quarterly public safety meeting will be held in April. Please input on what content you’d like to see the April meeting cover to or call 412-802-7220.

Meetings Notes from 10th Ward Block Watch: Society for Contemporary Craft 12.11.18

Conversation with Society for Contemporary Craft


  • 2021 is the 50th Was started in Verona. Contemporary Craft has been the Strip District Produce Terminal for 32 years. Is free of charge. Art is central in people’s lives. Accessibility is important.Strong educational programs.
  • Core values: art to build community, critical support for Artists providing opportunities, filling gaps in public education, sharing cross cultural perspectives , social Justice (e.g. displacement, food justice)
  • Facilities: With redevelopment of produce terminal, future is uncertain. Looking at spaces in Upper Lawrenceville.
  • Exhibition: Craft Media: clay, glass, metal, wood, found materials. Museum-school partnership with 6-8th graders alongside curriculum. Have done projects like stitching pillows with Women’s Shelter to address feelings about displacement.
  • Studio program: 3 major studios: wood and ceramic, fiber-mixed media, and metals. 100 programs a year, scholarships are available, offer a broad price range to be accessible. $35 is the lowest for entry level classes. Invite school groups to tour exhibition and do a hands on activity. Drop in station: open and free, family oriented, accessible and high quality.
  • 8 visiting artists through airBnb, sometimes have done summer artist residency. Traveling shows, e.g. around social justice. Received Award of Distinction from American Craft Council, a national organization that gives award every 2 years. We are first org. to receive it in Pittsburgh, so it’s a big deal.
  • Events are generally at night. Workshops on weekends get around 20-30 people, events like artist talks, fundraisers. Saturdays we get about 200-400 people visiting our Strip District location over the course of a day.
  • Potential interest in pop-up locations for the end of 2019. Would need 3,500 SF for exhibition space in late April-August, 1-2,000 SF studio space, 1,500 SF of retail store.
  • 12 current full-time employees.
  • Drawn to Lawrenceville because of stronger residential presence, schools, afterschool programs, etc.






Lawrenceville Nomination to the National Register of Historic Places

The Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office, the Pittsburgh Department of City Planning and the Urban Redevelopment Authority have been working with the Lawrenceville community to see the neighborhood added to the National Register of Historic Places.  These groups recently held a meeting regarding updates around Lawrenceville’s nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

Please click the link(s) for more information regarding this process:   


The National Register of Historic Places: Lawrenceville Historic District

Lawrenceville Historic District National Registration Nomination Public Information Meeting

Community Meeting on Nomination to the National Register of Historic Places Meeting Notes

National Historic designation does not restrict property owners in any way or provide any additional restrictions or oversights. National Register designation creates exceptional marketing and promotional opportunities and is a way to raise public awareness about a community’s history.

Information about the National Register of Historic Places may be found on the State Historic Preservation Office’s website here:; and on the National Park Service’s website:


Questions? Contact your neighborhood planner, Andrea Lavin Kossis, at, or 412.255.2223.



Lawrenceville-Wide Public Safety Meeting


Beginning in 2019, in lieu of the monthly “block watch” meetings in each section of Lawrenceville, LU and Pittsburgh Police Zone 2 are teaming up to offer quarterly public safety meetings for all of Lawrenceville to cover larger issues affecting the entire community.

Agenda will include:

*A review of crime trends in Lawrenceville for 2018 with Commander Zett of Zone 2 Police

*Update on public safety cameras from City of Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Hissrich.

*Meet with residential and commercial security companies to get more information on security systems and private cameras for your home/business.

Light refreshments provided.

Free childcare available with RSVP. Questions/RSVP to LU: 412-802-7220 or

Recap from Housing for All: The State of Housing in Lawrenceville

Many thanks to the Office of Councilwoman Deb Gross, Lawrenceville Corporation and the Department of City Planning for partnering on this effort.  The hosting partners provided updates on the state of housing in Lawrenceville, displacement, and what’s being done about it. Thank you to all of the attendees who shared their stories and experiences.

Be sure to check out Lawrenceville United’s Presentation here: The State of Housing in Lawrenceville

We also have the notes that reflect the stories and experiences shared by the session attendees: Housing for All Group Notes

The next event in the Housing for All series happens on October 17, 2018 from 6-8 p.m. at Goodwill’s Workforce Development Center at 118 52nd Street – Inclusionary Zoning: a tool to preserve affordability