Now Accepting Tree Request Forms for Fall 2018

The Lawrenceville Tree Tenders are still accepting Tree Request Forms for plantings in Fall of 2018 and beyond through TreeVitalize! Fill out a Tree Request Form and return to:

City Forester/TreeVitalize Coordinator Dept. of Public Works
6520 Stanton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Lawrenceville United
118 52nd St. Ste 2026, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
412-802-7220 p | 412-802-7223 f

By signing a Tree Planting Request Form, you, the property owner, agree that:

  • A City representative will inspect your location and determine whether it is an appropriate site for a tree(s) to be planted.
  • A City representative will determine an appropriate tree species for your location.
  • You will water the tree (approximately 20 gallons per week—the cost is less than $1 per year) April through November for two years or make arrangements for the tree to get watered each week.
  • You will protect your tree from damage by cars, lawn mowers, etc.
  • You will notify the City if the tree appears to be sick or damaged.
  • If the site requires it, you give permission for a tree pit to be cut in your sidewalk or pavement. ALL trees must be planted in a tree pit that is a minimum of 30 square feet (typically 3 ft x 10 ft). If you cancel the tree installation after signing this form and the pavement has been cut, you will be responsible for replacing the pavement at your expense.

You understand that:

  • Your request for a tree may be denied—not all sites are appropriate for tree planting.
  • The tree species for your location will be assigned.
  • Street trees and trees in the public right-of-way are the property and responsibility of the City of Pittsburgh. Trees planted outside of the public right-of-way are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Only the City of Pittsburgh can authorize major pruning or removal of street trees.

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