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Survey to understand how welcoming and inclusive Lawrenceville is

Lawrenceville United has recently contracted with Just Collaboration to help us develop goals and hold us accountable to our values of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Please read our purpose statement for why we’re doing this work here. As the first part of this multi-year effort, we’re engaging our membership and the larger Lawrenceville community through a survey to understand how welcoming and inclusive the neighborhood is. If you are a resident, we invite you to complete the brief survey below about your experiences living in Lawrenceville by April 12, 2018. You can also follow a link here. Paper copies of the survey will also be available at our office (inside Goodwill of Southwestern PA’s Workforce Development Center at 118 52nd Street), at Block Watches in March, and at the following locations: 52nd Street Market, Lawrenceville Family Care Connection, Espresso a Mano, Stephen Foster Community Center, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville branch).

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