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Recap of Community Development Activities Meeting with Camp Eight Capital regarding 108 43rd St (formerly Kaleidoscope Cafe)

Camp Eight Capital is proposing a new 100 housing unit development at 43rd & Willow St. As part of LU & LC’s community process, a Community Development Activities Meeting (CDAM) was held for Camp Eight to present their plans to the community on Thursday, 4/27 at 6:30 PM. The meeting was held virtually over Zoom…

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ZBA Approval of Variance Request for 5303 Butler St

On February 2, 2023, Albion Residential met with the ZBA to review their variance request for 5303 Butler Street. The variance requested was a 71′ high building (45′ maximum building height currently permitted). The ZBA has approved the requested variance with conditions, including:  “The building design shall include 12′ stepbacks from Butler St and the…

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Community Meeting on Albion Development at Butler & McCandless

Albion Development is proposing a new, mixed-use development at Butler & McCandless, with approximately 300 housing units and new commercial space. As part of LU & LC’s community process, you’re invited to attend this open and public meeting to learn more, ask questions, and provide feedback on Tues. 11/15 at 6:30 PM. This is a…

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October 2022 Update on Thunderbird Cafe

Since a community meeting was hosted on 4/19/2022, LU and LC have been working with Thunderbird Cafe to finalize a revised consent agreement for their occupancy permit — and work through practical ways to implement it. An amended consent agreement that includes all of the topics of discussion at the April 2022 community meeting has…

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LU and partners head to court to defend inclusionary zoning, affordable housing, and diverse neighborhoods

Organizations representing Pittsburgh neighborhoods where housing costs are soaring filed a motion to intervene in a case defending inclusionary zoning, affordable housing, and diverse communities August 16. 2022—Pittsburgh is facing an escalating crisis in housing affordability. In response, the City passed an inclusionary zoning ordinance this spring, requiring new large developments to set aside units…

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Neighborhood organizations from across City slam bad faith lawsuit from developers opposed to affordable housing

A special interest group of corporate real estate developers is suing to ensure they can continue to profit off of the displacement of low-income families in Pittsburgh One of the key areas highlighted in the Gainey Administration’s transition team report is the critical need for more affordable housing for Pittsburgh families. And yet, on the…

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Notes/recording from second Thunderbird community meeting 4/19/2022

On 4/19/2022, Lawrenceville United & Lawrenceville Corporation hosted a follow-up community meeting to the 2/24/2022 meeting, in which Thunderbird presented a request to the community to amend their consent order to (1) increase their occupancy from 382 to 573, and (2) reduce the consent order’s parking requirement of 75 parking spots to what current zoning…

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Let’s Talk Mobility: Lawrenceville Community Meeting

Join us for a virtual public community meeting to learn about various mobility initiatives in Lawrenceville and share your thoughts and priorities. Topics will include smart loading zones, Pittsburgh’s new bikeshare system, OpenStreetsPGH, Amazon, and more. Register in advance at bit.ly/March31CDAM Click here to register in advance: bit.ly/March31CDAM

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Intro to Coven Brewing and revisions to Spirit expansion plans: 2/10 CDAM recap

Summary of 2/10/2022 Community Development Activities Meeting notes Introduction to Coven Brewing: Caiti Sullivan and Trevor Grier presented their plans for their new business Coven Brewing, to be located at 4901 Butler Street, formerly the location of Roundabout Brewery. This is a change of ownership, with liquor license transfer, and they are hoping to open…

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Intro to COVEN Brewing and Spirit Expansion plans: February 10 Community Development Activities Meeting

Please join LU and LC for an open and public virtual community meeting regarding the following development plans: * Introduction of a new business, COVEN Brewing, at 4901 Butler St (formerly Roundabout Brewing) * Construction and expansion plans at Spirit (242 51st Street) The owners from both businesses will attend to present their plans to…