Lawrenceville Community Block Party

Lawrenceville United, working in tandem with the Senior AdvantAGE Program, will hold a neighborhood-wide block party this summer!  On August 16th, local residents will coordinate block clean ups and parties for their blocks in an effort to meet neighbors and to preserve the strong sense of community that Lawrenceville has always celebrated.  Residents will decide what they want their parties to entail, and Lawrenceville has committed to supporting these activities through the Lawrenceville AdvantAGE Program.  The idea stemmed from a series of mixers that were held last year for long-time and new residents where residents expressed an interest in moving forward with this community-building activity.  Some blocks have been doing this for years:  designating a Saturday morning to clean the block and then inviting all neighbors out for a barbeque and fun in the afternoon and evening.

To entice and support neighbors interested in the project, the Senior AdvantAGE Program is going to cover the cost of a block party permit to block off the street, with an additional $25 for party supplies.

While this event is primarily to encourage residents to get to know one another, it is also about giving back.  Each block will be encouraged to incorporate some kind of service activity into the day.  These activities could include planting flower pots along the block, picking up trash and debris, hosting a bake sale to raise money for one of our volunteer-driven community groups, or some other creative way of addressing issues within the block and community.

Block parties will be encouraged to run from 10a – 4p on August 16th and Lawrenceville United will create a map of all participating blocks, as well as a description of planned activities.  Neighbors are encouraged to stop by the party closest to their block if they haven’t coordinated one themselves in order to get to know each other and to celebrate community.

The block parties will be occurring during many Rock All Night activities as well.  To make a day of it, check out the map below and check out your local block party and some great music!


For additional information please call Becky at 412-802-7220.

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