Recap of LU Spring Membership and Board Elections 2023

Our Lawrenceville United Spring Membership Meeting and Board Elections were hosted on Thursday, 6/8/2023 at 6:30 PM at Goodwill at 118 52nd St. This meeting took the place of our monthly Happenings meetings that occur each second Thursday of the month. This Spring Membership meeting focused on LU updates and events and allowed LU Board candidates to present their reasons for running for the LU Board. There were 8 in person attendees and 7 virtual attendees throughout the meeting.

Dave Breingan, LU Executive Director, gave an overview of LU’s mission & vision and staff roles. He then shared information regarding the LU Board members and shared the process by which the LU Board is elected and how they serve the organization. All who serve on the LU Board do so as volunteers and are democratically elected to their positions by LU membership. Each of Lawrenceville’s three wards have 2 seats on the Board, and then an additional 9 seats are reserved for Lawrenceville residents from any of the wards.

This year, there are 7 candidates running for the 6 available ward seats. 4 of the candidates are currently serving on the LU Board. There are 3 candidates running for the 9th Ward seats, but given that there is 1 vacant seat on the at-large Board seats, whoever receives the least amount of votes for the 9th ward seat will likely be appointed by LU’s Board to that open at-large seat. That being said, Dave emphasized that LU values competitive elections, and encourages all members interested to run in each year’s elections.

The LU Board candidates were then invited to speak. Candidates Inshirah Durrett and Lyss Cypher shared videos of their speeches as they were unable to attend in person, while Katie McAuley, Ian Everheart, and Ashley Varatto all shared with the in-person meeting. There were no questions for the candidates following their speeches.

Dave and Emma Gamble, LU Community Engagement & Program Manager, then presented current updates and events going on at LU and ways to participate and get involved. These included:

  • The Lawrenceville Farmers Market
  • Applications for home repairs (Whole Home Repairs, Homeowner Assistance Program, etc.)
  • The Mobility Enhancement District
  • Community Planning for the Herron Avenue Station
  • Duncan Park
  • The Wisdom Keepers Project
  • LU and Lawrenceville Corporation Strategic Planning
  • The Lawrenceville Tree Tenders
  • The Tree Park
  • Driving for LU Friday Food Distribution
  • Lawrenceville Organic Community Gardens
  • and more!

All were then thanked for their time and attendance. Below you will find links to vote for the LU Board, the full presentation slide deck, videos from Board candidates who were unable to be there in person, and the recordings of the full meeting. If you have further questions or feedback, please contact info@lunited.org or 412-802-7220. 

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