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Development of New Residential Units at 260 42nd Street

Brian Mendelssohn of Botero Development attended a community meeting on October 14th to present his plans for 8 residential units at 260 42nd Street.  Residents were generally supportive, but concerned around the additional cars in the area.  Mr. Mendelssohn agreed to write into his leases that residents are NOT allowed to participate in the Residential Permit Parking program.  This was reiterated at the zoning hearing on October 17th when he asked the Zoning Board of Adjustments to make this a condition of any approvals.  Mr. Mendelssohn and residents are exploring other options to make the parking plans part of the property itself, thus protecting residents from future owners of the property.  Currently the plan is being reviewed by the Zoning Board of Adjustments and a decision will be rendered in the next 30 days.

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