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Parking Concerns and Issues in Lawrenceville

LU continues to receive many questions and concerns around parking.  The Pittsburgh Parking Authority attended the Happenings Block Watch in September and discussed issues relative to enforcement and the new meters that will be installed in Lawrenceville.

Some residents were concerned that their streets are not being enforced effectively. Since the meeting, the Parking Authority has shared information on where tickets are issued and how often.  If you have concerns about your specific streets, you can contact LU or the District 7 Council Office to receive this information.  Additionally, many Upper Lawrenceville residents and business owners have contacted us with questions about their area.  There are questions about introducing permit parking to Upper Lawrenceville and also questions regarding residents who may live along Butler St. and how they may also be able to opt into a Residential Permit Parking Program if it becomes available.  The Department of City Planning will be scheduling a meeting within the next few weeks to discuss these issues with residents in Upper Lawrenceville specifically.  Once a meeting has been scheduled, notices will be sent out inviting residents to a meeting.  At this meeting, Ashley Holloway, the City Planner who leads the Residential Permit Parking program would review the Residential Permit Process Program, how residents can pursue the program, and answer questions or concerns.

Apart from these updates,  the Lawrenceville Corporation continues to work with a Parking Committee comprised of residents, developers, business owners, and other agency representatives to implement some of the recommendations called out in the Parking Study completed in 2012.

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