Board Candidate Alicia Kirley

Name: Alicia Kirley

Area: Central Lawrenceville/ 9th Ward

How long have you lived in Lawrenceville? I have lived in Lawrenceville for 2 years

Why did you move to/ stay in Lawrenceville? I lived in Bloomfield for several years, and found that I always drifted to Lawrenceville, whether it be for community activities, delicious foods or some other form of entertainment.  I have close friends in the neighborhood and the transition here was so easy it was like coming home to a community I’d grown up in (although I am not from Pittsburgh originally).

Current Employer/ Job Title:  Pittsburgh Mercy Health System, Health Centers Director

Please list Community Service, Non-Profit, or Board Experience: I have worked in non-profit Community Health for the past 6 years, providing a broad spectrum of health services to low-income, medically under-served residents of Allegheny County.  I held an advisory board member seat at Goodwill Employment Training Center, and provided an internship rotation for students of GETC.  Volunteerships with Healthcare for the Homeless and Operation Safety Net, bring housing, food, and shelter to Pittsburgh’s homeless.

 What makes Lawrenceville unique?  Why?  Lawrenceville’s diversity not only caters to a variety of food lovers, but also crosses age span, ethnicity and eclectic personalities.  This, however, does not deter its residents from a true sense of community.  Pittsburghers have an intense love for their city, but Lawrencevillians take it to a new level, turning run-down parks into beautiful landscapes, giving dog lovers a place to unite, and providing children a place to spend their summer days.  I never get tired of talking up my neighborhood’s uniqueness.

What is was one thing you would like to work on within the neighborhood?  Why?  I would love to assess health service access points for community members, especially the elderly and children.  Many aging residents have limited access to transportation, which can make it difficult to receive quality health care.  Access to health services is vital to a community, and while Lawrenceville has access to many hospitals, it is increasingly important to have access to routine preventative care as well as wellness support. 

What LU program or project most interests you?  Why?  The revitalization of the community through community gardens, park planning, and housing development.  These efforts have made a dramatic difference in Lawrenceville and have enhanced the beauty of the neighborhood, but have also made it a fun place to live! 

What is one fun fact that others might be surprised to know about you?  I refer to most animals as chickens.  I really love chickens!

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