AdvantAGE Home Repair Program

A generous local construction company has agreed to donate services to Lawrenceville United’s AdvantAGE program to help older adults and people with disabilities in Lawrenceville with simple repairs to improve safety and weatherize their homes, based on need. Examples of eligible projects include: roof repairs, leaks, installing handrails, repairing steps, installing grab bars in a bathroom or restroom, weather-proofing, insulation, etc.

If interested, please complete the application below and send to or mail to Lawrenceville United at 4839 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 by Friday, October 27th, 2017. The construction company can only do 2-3 smaller projects, so all applications may not be accepted, and will be evaluated based on need. The work will be completed in November. For more information about this application or the program, please contact Lawrenceville United at (412) 802-7220 or email

Download AdvantAGE Home Repair Application

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