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Senior AdvantAGE Program Brings More Resources and Opportunities to Seniors

Lawrenceville United, an inclusive resident-driven community-based organization focused on improving the overall quality of life for Lawrenceville residents and stakeholders, is looking to establish a new program geared towards our growing senior population (anyone 60 and older). Our latest initiative, the Senior AdvantAGE Program, is for you!



The goal of this Program is to effectively connect seniors to services and resources, to other seniors, to new residents, and to new businesses throughout the Lawrenceville area.


Seniors can expect to take part in a Needs Assessment Survey in order to determine what important issues must be addressed, Trainings and Workshops in order to become more informed members of the community, and Block Watch Groups in order to create bonds with other seniors and new residents in the area. The added benefits of the Program include a Senior AdvantAGE Guide with educational information, helpful tips, and a wide variety of Lawrenceville resources; Mini-Grants in order for seniors to be able to participate in fun activities; and a Senior AdvantAGE Discount Card for special discounts and incentives at local businesses.


Want to find out more? Contact Lawrenceville United today! 412.802.7220.

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