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11th Hour Brewing Meeting Recap & Update

March 15, 2016

Thanks to all who attended the meeting on 11th Hour Brewery (3701 Charlotte Street) on March 9, 2015. The owners shared their plans and responded to resident questions and concerns about the project. They also completed our standard information sheet, which lists information on their hours, menu, amplified sound, and other details on their proposed operations. (links below)

LU and LC staff are currently in the process of meeting with the owners to see how they might make changes to their plan to mitigate some of the concerns raised.  LU did follow up with City Planning on zoning and site plan review questions.  The project has gone through preliminary site plan review and will be submitting final site plans for a final site plan review by next week.  As part of that review, recommendations and decisions will be made by the City and the owner regarding curb cuts, sidewalks, and tree pits.  Once the final site plan is shared with us – we will share this with the community.
LU and LC will also share changes, if any,  that will be made to the operational and business plans based on concerns raised in the community meeting and in other calls and emails to LU’s office.  Residents and stakeholders have 30 days from the date of the PLCB placard posting to submit in writing their concerns or position on the license.  Any submissions must be received by PLCB by March 22nd.

Contact LU with any questions – 412.802.7220

Presentation by 11th Hour                             LU’s Meeting Notes                               Information Sheet

March 21, 2016

LU submitted a letter to the Liquor Control Board (LCB) addressing issues residents raised during the community meeting and in follow up communications. Some of the issues addressed include: hours of operation, noise, open windows/garage doors, outdoor seating, amplified sound, food trucks, special events, parking issues, and waste disposal.

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