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Zoning Hearing for Arsenal Terminal Building Site

This Thursday, March 3rd, the Zoning Board of Adjustment will review the proposed development for 39th – 40th and Butler, also known as the Arsenal Terminal Building Site. Residents and stakeholders are welcome to attend the 10:40am hearing, which will be held at 200 Ross Street, and provide testimony regarding the special exceptions requested.

View the meeting notes and Milhaus presentation from the latest community meeting (2.25.16), in addition to the presentation created by LC.

LC Presentation

Milhaus Presentation

Meeting Notes 2.25.16


Update – March 7, 2016

400 residents, business owners, and stakeholders engaged in the community process, either by attending a meeting, completing our survey, or contacting us directly regarding the development.

We compiled the 100 survey responses we received and summarized them here:
Survey Results

As a result of this feedback, we presented this letter to the Zoning Board of Adjustment on March 3rd.  Milhaus created a separate document, committing to a number of measures as a result of the community process. LU and LC requested that these measures be attached as conditions of our approval of the project.  Zoning Administrator Corey Layman committed to reviewing the project at the outset of each future phase. The ZBA will accept findings of fact for the next 3 weeks, and then will have 45 days to come to a decision on the project. If you couldn’t attend the meeting but would like to submit information, you can email it to jack.miller@pittsburghpa.gov.

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