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Round Corner Cantina (3720 Butler)

March 4, 2015

A community meeting was held March 3 regarding the liquor license application pending for Cantina/ Ballroom and the new restaurant proposed for the 3rd floor of the existing Round Corner Cantina building – The Ballroom.
Lawrenceville United met with Derek Burnell, owner of Cantina, to outline the concerns from the meeting and to see if there is a way to address the identified concerns for the impact of both Cantina and The Ballroom.
We are in the process of finalizing a draft agreement that outlines operational conditions that includes and isn’t limited to:
– Sound attenuation and soundproofing throughout the entire licensed premises
– Prohibiting live music and entertainment at The Ballroom
– Limiting hours of operation of The Ballroom, and there being dedicated kitchen with staff in operation for The Ballroom until 11 pm each night.
– Parking
– Regulating occupancy
– Security for crowd disbursement
– Responsible Alcohol Management Training for all staff
– Cleaning around the establishment each night
LU is in the process of negotiating the agreement, and will share a copy of the final draft if we reach agreement.  We plan to present the outlined concerns that we heard at the meeting to City Council as part of the Liquor License Hearing March 5 at 1pm at City Council Chambers, 414 Grant Street.  The hearing is public and anyone is welcome to attend.

February 25, 2015

The Round Corner Cantina, and owner Derek Burnell, has proposed an expansion to create a 3rd floor dining/ event space, The Ballroom.  Owners have proposed to change the uses of the building from “hotel” to “restaurant limited.”  As part of the expansion, owners will seek approval from the city’s Zoning Department and will also be also be purchasing a new liquor license for the building – to license both the 1st floor and 3rd floor spaces.  The transfer of the new license to this location must first be approved by City Council, and then by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.  As part of our community process, you are invited to attend this meeting to meet the owner, to review what has been proposed,  and to provide input and feedback.

Please call Lawrenceville United at 412-802-7220 or email info@LUnited.org for more information.


Meeting: March 3, 6:30pm at St Augustine’s, 220 37th Street

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