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Nomination to Historic Places Register

Lawrenceville is being nominated to the National Historic Register of Historic Places. If successful, this would list Lawrenceville on the National Register and would make certain projects eligible for tax incentives for historic redevelopment. There are NO restrictions that the program places on property owners in terms of what they can or can’t do with their property. As part of this process, consultants from Michael Baker International and Clio Consulting will be taking a visual survey of every property in Lawrenceville, starting in March, to determine which structures contribute to Lawrenceville’s historic integrity. Residents and business owners should expect to see the consultants during daylight hours in bright yellow field safety vests and they will be carrying identification with the city and consulting firm logos. As part of the survey, they will be photographing homes (external only) and recording information related to the building attributes on tablets. They will remain in the public right-of-way only and will NOT be coming onto your property or asking to come into your house. For more information, come to the 9th or 6th Ward Block Watch meetings in February.

  • 9th Ward Block Watch
    • Tues., 2/21 at 6:30pm, 329 45th Street (St. Mary’s Lyceum)
  • 6th Ward Block Watch
    • Mon., 2/27 at 7pm, 3523 Penn Ave (Pints on Penn)

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