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Lawrenceville United Housing Request for Proposals Released with Updated Properties EXTENDED

The Application Deadline has been extended until August 9th!

Lawrenceville United (LU)[1] works to improve the overall quality of life for Lawrenceville residents and stakeholders.  LU has worked over the past twelve years to eliminate blight throughout Lower, Central, and Upper Lawrenceville by targeting nuisance and problem properties and prioritizing the demolitions, acquisition and redevelopment of such properties.

In 2012, we launched our Vacant House Reuse Program, and sold one of our homes to a first-time home buyer who is currently renovating the home in Upper Lawrenceville.

As part of our current program, three properties have been designated potential home-ownership projects for current and potential Lawrenceville residents. We are inviting responsible and interested people looking to become an owner-occupant of one of our LU-owned properties to submit written proposals and a bid for one of the three LU-owned properties LU-owned properties. We are hoping that the potential owners and residents will help Lawrenceville United continue to revitalize the community through creative reuse of vacant property.

To read the complete RFP click here.

[1] Lawrenceville United (LU) where referenced in this document refers to all LU staff, board members, and housing committee members.

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