Allegheny Wine Mixer and Cork Harbour: Recap of 1/27/2022 Community Development Activities Meeting

The new owners of Allegheny Wine Mixer, Roger Li and Domenic Branduzzi, are planning to keep the name Allegheny Wine Mixer, the hours, and the concept – all will be the same. There were no questions from attendees. Several supportive comments were shared by residents.

The new owners of 181 43rd St, Tanner Fitzgerald and his business partner Mike Brennen, presented more details of their business history and plans for Cork Harbour as an Irish-themed pub and restaurant. The project’s expected opening will be in March. The space is zoned as commercial space, and was a bar years ago, but has be unoccupied since then.

Resident comments and questions focused on the placement of a pub in a residential street, including concerns about plans for entertainment, noise levels, parking and traffic, deliveries and garbage truck access, exhaust fan noise and cleaning procedures, recycling of cooking oil, fire escapes, sprinkler systems and exhaust hoods to prevent fire. Overall, the owners committed to renovating and operating the business according to Pittsburgh and Allegheny codes. The owners were then asked to leave the meeting to allow open discussion by residents. Since the meeting, LC sent further resident questions to the Cork Harbour owners by email, and the answers they received have been inserted in the full notes, in italics to distinguish them from the rest of the meeting conversation.

LU Director Dave Breingan presented the basics of how residents can engage with the Pittsburgh Liquor Control board process.

It was noted that the Cork Harbour liquor application placard was posted later than it was supposed to be, on 1/5/2022 but that it wasn’t posted until 1/12/2022.and that residents have 30 days to file from the date of actual posting at the business site.

Other agenda items

New stations take up more space. Funding issues required stations be removed. In our most recent meeting, interest and commitment were expressed by Healthy Ride to look at the paper street by Spirit and other locations. 

Here’s a link to the recording of the meeting. And here’s a link to the notes

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to LU at 412-802-7220 or, or to LC Business District Manager, Abi Gildea at

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