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Amendments to By-Laws

Lawrenceville United’s Board of Directors is recommending amendments to the organization’s By-Laws, which requires approval from our members. These amendments were recommended to improve Lawrenceville United’s Board Officer election process, improve the eligibility deadline to be a candidate for LU’s Board of Directors, and open up to 3 positions of the 15-member Board to “Legacy”…

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Spring 2019 LU Membership Meeting & Board Elections

***UPDATE 6/10/19: Missed our Spring Membership Meeting? Check out the presentation here.***   Please join us for our annual Spring Membership Meeting & Board Elections on Wednesday, June 5th at 6 p.m. at the Clemente Museum (3339 Penn Avenue). There are 6 “by-ward” seats up for election (2 for each “Ward”), and 8 eligible candidates….