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PEP Rally Response to Proposed Woolslair Closure

On Tuesday, November 26th, the Pittsburgh School Board voted to open the public process to begin conversations on closing Woolslair Elementary for the 2014-2015 school year and moving the students to Arsenal Elementary. The final vote to close the school will not occur until March 2014, and public hearings will be held every month to provide an opportunity for residents and parents to give feedback on the issue.

On November 25th, representatives from our partner agencies provided joint testimony as part of the PEP Rally program to the Pittsburgh School Board and to the district administration. The testimony calls for the conversation around closing Woolslair to focus not just on the district’s financial issues, but also on a plan for stable, attractive schools of first choice in our neighborhood.

To this end, PEP Rally is working collaboratively with parents, community groups, and school and district staff to create this plan and receive a commitment on it before any final vote to close Woolslair occurs. We believe that by working together, we can create a plan for public schools in our neighborhood that are great options for current families and that will attract new families to our area.

To get involved, please call Dave Breingan at 412.802.7220 or email Dave@LUnited.org.

Click here to read the full testimony that was read before the school board and PPS district staff.

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