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Follow up materials for 3710 Charlotte proposed development

Icon Development presented their plans for a proposed 4-unit residential development at 3710 Charlotte Street at the 6th Ward Block Watch on November 28th. For those original meeting notes and the presentation, please click here.

In response to resident questions/concerns that were brought up afterwards, Icon Development has provided some follow up materials. Please see below:

  • Narrative response to resident questions/concerns.
  • Solar study: showing shade impact of the new building at various points in the year.
  • Tree plan: showing plans for removal of 1 existing tree on site and the planting of 12 new trees.
  • Elevation drawings for Charlotte and Mulberry: including proposed materials and door/window arrangements.
  • Historic site drawing: see below for details of the area from 1910, including 5 structures historically on proposed site.

Historic site drawing

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