AdvantAGE Mini-grants

Are you a resident of Lawrenceville looking to engage your neighbors around a project, activity, or program?  Then apply for the Lawrenceville AdvantAGE Grant today!


The Lawrenceville AdvantAGE Grant program was developed out of the Senior AdvantAGE program as an opportunity to create a stronger connection between long-time residents, and also between long-time residents and newer residents.  The grants are designed to support activities that residents will plan.  The goal is to create friendships and a strong sense of community while addressing needs as a community.

The grant program offers “mini-grants” from $10 – $500 to support these activities.


All Lawrenceville residents are eligible, however project must include at least one AdvantAGE member.

Grant Guidelines:

  • Project/ event must take place in Lawrenceville.
  • Project/ event must include a diverse group of residents and at least 5 residents over the age of 60.
  • Project/ event must abide by all criteria listed on the application

What types of projects or activities can the money support?

The project, event, or activity can be whatever you want it to be. Some examples of activities that residents have expressed an interest in doing include the following; but activities should not be limited to:

  • Block parties (may want to rent a tent, hire a D.J., get a street permit, cover food costs)
  • Game nights (may want to purchase board games, refreshments, or rent out a room at Stephen Foster Center)
  • Potluck parties
  • Group dinners or participation in local events and shows (shows at the Greybox Theater,  dinner at a local restaurant)
  • Purchase t-shirts or whistles for a walking club
  • Community service and volunteer events

Applicants will be requested to also report out on their completed project with who participated, what the outcome was.

How Do I Apply?

Fill out the application and return to Lawrenceville United.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis but must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to your event.  Applications will be reviewed and a decision will be made within 6 weeks of receipt of the application.


Please call Becky at Lawrenceville United with any questions 412-802-7220.  Email Helen at

4618 Carlton Street

Wylie Holdings has proposed a new construction town home development for the space.  By following this link, you will be able to see renderings of what they have proposed:

Not all of the details are set and they are still working on exterior design finishes.  It does look like the new construction buildings will be a bit taller than those existing on the street, but are planned to be 40 ft. high at most, therefore staying within the height that is permitted without seeking variances, etc.  BBI has requested that they take steps to shore the adjacent neighbor’s foundations as well as place fencing at the rear as they excavate, etc.

A hearing was held in front of the Zoning Board of Adjustments on December 5, 9 am.  Neighbors have challenged whether the zero foot contextual setback that was granted is legally correct, or if they should have had to apply with a different application and for other approvals. At the hearing the applicants requested a continuance and the next hearing was scheduled for December 12th at 9:30 am.  LU was notified on Wednesday, December 11th, that the applicants appealing the zoning decision had withdrawn their appeal.

If you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact Lauren at Lawrenceville United at 412-802-7220, or

4115 Butler Street – Smoke BBQ and Taqueria

2.25.15 UPDATE

Smoke BBQ Taqueria opened at the beginning of February. Hours are listed as:

Tuesday closed

Mon-Thurs 11-10PM

Friday 11-11PM

Sat-Sun 10-11PM


Lawrenceville United and Lawrenceville Corporation convened a meeting on December 3, 2013 at Stephen Foster’s to discuss the proposed opening of Smoke BBQ and Taqueria at 4115 Butler Street.  A handful of residents attended, and the owners presented their vision for the space, as well as a general overview for the business and its operations.  Smoke is currently located in Homestead and will be relocating to Lawrenceville.  They are excited to become a part of the community.  They will offer a similar menu as their Homestead location and are planning to be open Tuesday – Wednesday 11 am – 11 pm; Thursday – Friday 11 am – 12 am, Saturday 9 am – 12 pm, and Sunday 9 am – 7pm.  They will be using approximately 2400 sq. ft. of the space that they are leasing for seating and will have dining table seating and bar seating for approx 50 patrons.  They are not seeking a liquor license at this time, and Smoke will operate as BYOB.  Per the zoning code, Smoke does not need to provide any parking space but they will have two available for employee parking.  Smoke will be non-smoking and they are excited to offer a menu that is accessible for Lawrenceville residents and visitors.  Attendees at the meeting did raise concerns about parking and the Lawrenceville Corporation provided a summary of their work on parking projects in the community.  

LU and LC provided a letter of support for the special exception that was sought by Smoke in front of the Zoning Board on December 5, 2013.  Notes from the meeting are available upon request.

2013 Halloween and Light Up Lawrenceville Events

It’s that time of year!  The leaves are changing color, we have a large rubber duck on the river, the Pirates are in the playoffs, and the days are getting shorter and cooler—we’ve reached an amazing fall in Pittsburgh. I remember this day last year, we were perusing the schedule for Hamilton in LA to see if it was feasible.

It is time to plan our annual Lawrenceville holiday parties: Lawrenceville United’s Children’s Halloween Party (ages 14 and under) and Light Up Lawrenceville.  These long-time neighborhood traditions serve hundreds of Lawrenceville children and their families each year.  The Halloween party will be on Saturday, October 26th from 5p – 7p at the Boys and Girls Club and Light Up Lawrenceville will be celebrated with the tree lighting on Thursday, December 5th from 6p – 7p at the Allegheny Cemetery Drive and the children’s party/ cookie mall on Saturday, December 7th from 11a – 2p at the Teamsters Temple (4701 Butler Street).  These events are funded by the community to support the community.


Over 300 children attend each event every year and we continue to look for ways to improve and grow these events into opportunities for long-time and new residents to come together and continue to grow and celebrate. We solicited feedback from participants in the events last year and have made changes to help ensure that more residents and stakeholders are able to enjoy the festivities. For example, this Halloween, we will again host the party at the Boys and Girls Club.  The venue is a great space for the event, and it is a chance to partner with a major resource in our community.  In addition, we are working to create an even bigger, and more exciting, haunted house for the children, and will certainly have a great DJ for the monster mash, in addition to many more fun activities!


Similarly, we have worked to organize a Light Up Lawrenceville event that compliments some of the other exciting events happening in the neighborhood in honor of the holiday season.  Light Up Lawrenceville and the Joy of Cookies Tour will continue to work together to bring something for everyone to our event.  To better connect with the weekend festivities, we are moving our tree lighting event to Thursday (12.5.2013) to formally launch the Joy of Cookies Cookie Tour and the weekend of festivities for Lawrenceville.  Our traditional Light Up Lawrenceville: Children’s Party will be held during the Cookie Mall on Saturday (12.7.2012).  Santa will be available for pictures and with gifts for each child, and we will have fun activities and crafts for all families to enjoy.


These events could not be done with out the following supporters:

Southwestern Family Services
Sargent Electric
Boys & Girls Club
Pressure Chemical Company
Catholic Youth Association of Pittsburgh, Inc.
Cutitta Chiropractic
D’Alessandro Funeral Home & Crematory, Ltd.
Desmone & Associates Architects
La Gourmandine
Lawrenceville Corporation
Paragon Foods
Prism Stained Glass
Tom Troy Enterprises, Inc.
Walter J. Zalewski Funeral Homes Inc.
Allegheny Cemetery Historical Association
Dive Bar & Grill
General Teamsters Local Union 249
Harvey Lipsitz Company
Pusadee’s Garden
Schaefers Office Furniture Upholstery Service, Inc.
Senko Construction
T’s Upholstery Studio
Crystal Bead Bazaar
Gallery on 43rd Street
Jones Furniture Design
Poillucci Plumbing Inc

Arsenal Park Community Planning

November 21, 2013

Pittsburgh Arsenal 6-8
220 40th Street

[Entrance is located on 40th Street across from St. John’s Way.
Separate Handicapped access available as well.]

Join us to begin discussion around planning and developing Arsenal Park into a great place for residents, visitors, and all community stakeholders!

Child care provided for children 3 – 12 years old and transportation also provided upon request.
Please RSVP: 412.802.7220 |

Development of New Residential Units at 260 42nd Street

Brian Mendelssohn of Botero Development attended a community meeting on October 14th to present his plans for 8 residential units at 260 42nd Street.  Residents were generally supportive, but concerned around the additional cars in the area.  Mr. Mendelssohn agreed to write into his leases that residents are NOT allowed to participate in the Residential Permit Parking program.  This was reiterated at the zoning hearing on October 17th when he asked the Zoning Board of Adjustments to make this a condition of any approvals.  Mr. Mendelssohn and residents are exploring other options to make the parking plans part of the property itself, thus protecting residents from future owners of the property.  Currently the plan is being reviewed by the Zoning Board of Adjustments and a decision will be rendered in the next 30 days.

Parking Concerns and Issues in Lawrenceville

LU continues to receive many questions and concerns around parking.  The Pittsburgh Parking Authority attended the Happenings Block Watch in September and discussed issues relative to enforcement and the new meters that will be installed in Lawrenceville.

Some residents were concerned that their streets are not being enforced effectively. Since the meeting, the Parking Authority has shared information on where tickets are issued and how often.  If you have concerns about your specific streets, you can contact LU or the District 7 Council Office to receive this information.  Additionally, many Upper Lawrenceville residents and business owners have contacted us with questions about their area.  There are questions about introducing permit parking to Upper Lawrenceville and also questions regarding residents who may live along Butler St. and how they may also be able to opt into a Residential Permit Parking Program if it becomes available.  The Department of City Planning will be scheduling a meeting within the next few weeks to discuss these issues with residents in Upper Lawrenceville specifically.  Once a meeting has been scheduled, notices will be sent out inviting residents to a meeting.  At this meeting, Ashley Holloway, the City Planner who leads the Residential Permit Parking program would review the Residential Permit Process Program, how residents can pursue the program, and answer questions or concerns.

Apart from these updates,  the Lawrenceville Corporation continues to work with a Parking Committee comprised of residents, developers, business owners, and other agency representatives to implement some of the recommendations called out in the Parking Study completed in 2012.

Lawrenceville Corporation Statement Regarding the Former Iron City Brewery Site

From Matthew Galluzzo, Executive Director Lawrenceville Corporation

As many of you know, the Lawrenceville Corporation (LC) has been working over the past year with our neighborhood partners and Collier Development LP, the owners of the former Iron City Brewery site, to complete a master planning process that would guide redevelopment efforts on the site. Despite our best efforts to convince them otherwise, it appears that Collier Development LP is uninterested in developing, and being guided by, a candid understanding of whether various historic buildings at the former brewery site could feasibly be reused.  Their lack of flexibility has made a fruitful planning effort impossible.  Last week the LC notified Collier Development LP that we would be withdrawing from the process.  To read more, please visit:

2013 National Night Out

National Night Out 2013:

Tuesday, August 6th, Lawrenceville United hosted another year of National Night Out. An annual, national celebration focused around community-building and public safety.  This year we were at the newest of the Lawrenceville gardens, Paper Street Place.  It is located next door to the Moose on 51st Street and is also the most recent Love Your Block project, a project of the Home Depot Foundation and the Office of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

It was a wonderful evening with so many partners.  Encounter Church and Digital Salad set-up craft stations and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s Alcohol Education department, Carnegie Library – Lawrenceville, Children’s Hospital’s Family Care Connection, and others all came together to make it a wonderful night!  We want to thank all the residents, the Moose board members, Commander Holmes, Councilman Bill Peduto, Judge Ceoffe, and so many others who enjoyed the food and wonderful company.  Check out all of our pictures from the event and see if you can spot yourself!

In addition, we wanted to let you know that the work done by volunteers to revitalize Paper Street Place through the Love Your Block program, did NOT go unnoticed.  An additional award to continue to revitalize the space was awarded by the Love Your Block program!!  We would like to invite you to join us on October 5th to plant ground covers, install more lighting, clear out debris, and a few other items to truly transform the space into a wonderful community asset.