Public Safety Action Team

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Lawrenceville United, co-chaired by the Office of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, hosts a bi-monthly meeting with agencies from various social services and safety agencies; including Bureau of Building Inspections, Zone 2 Police Department, Department of Human Services, Juvenile Probation, Department of Public Works, and more.

The Public Safety Action Team outlines reoccurring issues and strategies in the Lawrenceville community and identify steps to improve or eradicate them.  These issues can range from severely blighted and neglected properties to habitual law and code violations to nuisance properties.

In order to ensure the community concerns are kept relevant in each meeting, all block watch captains are invited to participate in the process, and Lawrenceville United collects 311 and 911 reports each month and incorporates them into the bi-monthly agendas.  If you have a concern or problem and would like it to be addressed by the team, please be sure to file a report with 311 (non-emergency and building violations) or 911 (any emergency or after-hour 311 report) and then notify Lawrenceville United of the concern and report number: | 412.802.7220