Board Candidate Bio for Stephanie Nix

/ Board Candidate Bio for Stephanie Nix

Name: Stephanie Nix

Neighborhood: Lower Lawrenceville (6th Ward)

What years have you lived in Lawrenceville? 2021-present

Why did you move to Lawrenceville? A family member was selling their home and I had was in a position where I was ready to buy my own home and I liked the character of the home and thought it would be a good fit for myself.

Current job title (if employed): Senior Tax Associate – HBK CPAs and Consultants

Why do you want to be on the LU Board? What would you like to work on within the neighborhood? Helping my community is always something that has brought me joy. As I have gotten older, the quantity of time I have to commit to that cause has shrunk as I was much more active in my communities before starting my professional career as a tax accountant. However, the joy I get from helping others and the love I have for my communities has not changed in any way. My desire to be on the board stems from my wish to use my talents to help others in a way that is meaningful to me. I like this community a lot, I just want to be a part of something that helps it constantly improve. I don’t have a specific thing I’d like to change or work on, but I love the parks, farmers market, and all of the local businesses in the area and wish to see them all continue to thrive.

Volunteer, Non-Profit, or Board Experience: As a Professional: -coordinated various volunteer activities with the United way for 30 plus team members on behalf of my prior employer -organized donation drives for local ymca’s on behalf of my prior employer -helped with set up for a food pantry in homestead -volunteered for the walkathon for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation As a student: -participated and raised funds in numerous fundraisers for various causes including but not limited to ALS, ANAD, Cystic Fibrosis, Alzheimers, Breast Cancer, etc. -planted trees -reorganized the archives for the Shaler North Hills Library -gave presentations to children in various community settings (boys & girls clubs, libraries, Boy Scout and Girl Scout troop meetings, etc.) on topics including peer pressure, animal safety, fire safety, and drug awareness

What makes Lawrenceville unique? Why? The people are what makes Lawrenceville unique. The people are responsible for everything that Lawrenceville is, was, and will be. They’re the ones who did the city planning. They’re the ones who cultivated the neighborhood and had ideas as to how to improve it. The people of Lawrenceville are all unique and it’s hard to say when that started per se, but like attracts like as is the same with unique individuals. When you create an open and expressive community through love and openness, you draw in some of the best people.

One of LU’s core values is equity and the organization has recently embraced anti-oppression trainings to support our work in this area. What’s one idea you have for how LU should live out its commitment to equity? Equity is rooted in fairness, but to the Lawrenceville community that can mean a lot of different things whether you’re looking at it from a ward standpoint or more of a socioeconomic one. I feel like the best way to try to create equity is to listen to as many relevant perspectives and stories as you can whether they be from individuals living in or displaced from Lawrenceville and then create action plans based on what you learn from those discussions. To achieve real equity you need empathy and unwavering commitment to the betterment of the community, by listening to the people’s needs and looking at the full picture I think that progress can be made.

How are you involved in the Lawrenceville community? I support some of the local businesses in the neighborhood and I enjoy stopping by the farmers market here and there as well as attending the various art fairs that take place. However, I would like to see that involvement grow.

What would you bring to the LU Board (e.g. experience, skills, perspective, network, etc.)? I don’t have board membership experience, but I do have a background in tax accounting with a thorough understanding of financial reporting. I have Form 990 experience and would be able to assist the finance committee especially given the recent need for individuals with that kind of background or the willingness to learn. Generally, I approach things in a very logical way, but I always lead with empathy and a heartfelt ear. I consider myself a problem solver and I love to help in whatever capacity I can.

What’s one fun fact that others might be surprised to know about you? I used to play the cello, but I would only play holiday or fiddle music.