Board Candidate Bio for Keith Knueven

/ Board Candidate Bio for Keith Knueven

Name: Keith Knueven

Neighborhood: Central Lawrenceville (9th Ward)

What years have you lived in Lawrenceville? 2019 to present (part time resident)

Why did you move to Lawrenceville? Love the energy, amenities and access, central location

Current job title (if employed): Creative director and principal, Keith & Co. (

Why do you want to be on the LU Board? What would you like to work on within the neighborhood? I’ve enjoyed getting to know the neighborhood these past years and am interested in becoming more involved.

Volunteer, Non-Profit, or Board Experience: AIGA Los Angeles (national design organization): volunteer (1997–2000); event co-chair for two terms (2000–2004); and advisor for three terms (2014–2020). Corita Arts Center: volunteer (donation of design resources; present)

What makes Lawrenceville unique? Why? The people of Lawrenceville are kind and welcoming; the culture is vibrant and energetic. Locally owned business provide food, drinks, activities, shopping within walking distance. We’re centrally located within Pittsburgh so it is convenient to access other parts of the city—by foot, bike, or car.

One of LU’s core values is equity and the organization has recently embraced anti-oppression trainings to support our work in this area. What’s one idea you have for how LU should live out its commitment to equity? Stay committed to the senior community who have lived in the neighborhood for generations.

How are you involved in the Lawrenceville community? As a resident and business owner in Lawrenceville, I’ve attended a few meetings relating to developments in our area (43rd/Willow as well as other incoming businesses and improvements along Butler). I appreciate the point of view and support LU provides to the smaller, locally owned businesses.

What would you bring to the LU Board (e.g. experience, skills, perspective, network, etc.)? I’ve been a volunteer, board member, and advisor for a non-profit organization in Los Angeles (1997 to 2019). I’m easy going, driven, and an advocate for change and progress. By trade, I own a design and marketing agency (specializing in visual arts/culture, preservation, higher education, space research). I’m relatively newer to Pittsburgh (2019) so my network may be smaller, but I’m always open to outreach.

What’s one fun fact that others might be surprised to know about you? I’m a bit of a wine snob and francophile.