Bio for Celeste Scott

/ Bio for Celeste Scott

Name: Celeste Scott

What years have you lived in Lawrenceville? I lived there in 2011 with my son who is now 22 before I was displaced to Beltzhoover due to rising rents

Why did you move to Lawrenceville? Access to affordable housing

Current Job Title (if employed): Formerly Housing Justice Organizer

Why do you want to be on the LU Board? Lawrenceville United was a blessing to me before I even knew that it was an organization. The love and care that this organization has for its residents and thinking about marginalized folks intersectionally is more than impressive.

Please list Volunteer, Non-Profit, or Board Experience: I was lead staff for Pittsburgh United for 4 years, have an organizing background of volunteering with New Voices Pittsburgh, Alliance for Police Accountability, SisTers PGH, and others. I served on the Board of SisTers PGH as the Housing Chair, Pittsburgh Union of Regional Renters, and am a founding member of Black Femme Excellence Co.

What makes Lawrenceville unique? Why? Lawrenceville is a lovely place, but I would like to see Black and POC be able to return to safe quality affordable housing there.

What is one thing you would like to work on within the neighborhood? Why? I would like to work on stemming gentrification and displacement through truly engaging communities of color in decision making and shaping of an already dope organization. Also karaoke nights!

What would you bring to the LU Board (e.g. experience, skills, perspective, network, etc.)? I hope that I would bring the lens of a historically poor Queer Black femme who has been serially evicted and through alot as a single mom, but wants to make sure that folks like me have a chance to experience joyful things and life. Giving others real chances in ways that I have been given. And breaking systemic racism bonds every change I am afforded. I have a large network and I am happy to share that with Lawrenceville United. My skills are in strategic planning, community engagement, authentically showing up and being present, and intersectionality. I am also fun too!

What is one fun fact that others might be surprised to know about you? I am an introvert.