Bio for Cory Ricci

/ Bio for Cory Ricci

Name: Cory Ricci

What years have you lived in Lawrenceville? 2013 – Present

Why did you move to Lawrenceville? I thought it was a cool area to live and had friends who lived here.

Current Job Title (if employed):  Attorney

Why do you want to be on the LU Board? Since moving here, I really fell in love with the neighborhood. It felt like the kind of community that my father described growing up on Broad Street in South Philadelphia. I have been privileged to be a Board Member with LU for five years and would like to continue to serve the community in that capacity.

Please list Community Service, Non-Profit, or Board Experience: LU Board Member 2015 – Present, LU Board President 2016  – Present, Pitt Legal Income Sharing Foundation Treasurer 2010-2012

 What makes Lawrenceville unique?  Why?  Lawrenceville more of a community than anywhere else that I have ever lived. While the bars and shops make it a destination, the people who live and work here are what make it unique.

What is was one thing you would like to work on within the neighborhood?  Why? While the neighborhood is a fantastic place, not everyone is able to experience it that way. I would like to keep working to ensure that the neighborhood is even more accessible and inclusive.

How are you involved in the Lawrenceville community? I am a Board Member of LU, a member of the Lawrenceville Fireworks Committee, and I do other volunteer work in the community as well.

What would you bring to the LU Board (e.g. experience, skills, perspective, network, etc.)? I am an attorney, but my practice is largely unrelated to board service. I am the longest serving Board Member and will be finishing my term as Board President.

What is one fun fact that others might be surprised to know about you? I currently run two separate games of Dungeons and Dragons that are mostly full of other attorneys.