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Roasted Barrelhouse & Eatery Meeting Notes

Meeting: 6th Ward Block Watch, 8/22/2016

Presenter: Pete Landis

Feels like he is a part of Lawrenceville community now

  • Part of Market Square Association, which works with Zone 2 police often
    • Work together to improve community, reduce crime
  • Current status of Roasted
    • Back deck was an area of concern for nearby residents when building owned by Eclipse
      • Used to create a lot of noise complaints
      • No permit for it, not in compliance with zoning
    • During previous meeting with impacted residents, Pete had promised not to retain it in response to these community concerns
      • Created new addition behind existing building, where folks can do dinner/drinks
      • Doubled size, but no noise complaints – seems to be working out for everyone
    • Opened already
      • Not open for lunch yet but hoping to get there soon
      • Current hours:
        • Monday-Thursday: 5-11 PM
        • Friday-Saturday: 5 PM-2 AM
        • Ideally going to start doing lunch and eventually do Sundays as well
      • Renovations of space
        • Front façade: pulled off glass block from Bill’s Tavern and restored façade
          • Didn’t have to do this because not designated as historic, but preserved it to historic standards anyway
          • Wanted to keep historic look, make it look like it’s been there for years
          • Residents who remember Bill’s Tavern have told him that Bill would be proud!
          • Front windows can open during warmer months
            • Seats 8 people between inside and outside and creates communal table feel.
          • Menu
            • Back to basics: not modern deep-frying equipment, just good drinks and oven-roasted food
            • Cocktail program: easy highball drinks (different sizes offered), historical cocktails from 1800s-1960s
            • Food: everything is oven roasted, seasoned & slow-roasted, served “au jus”
            • Tweaking menu as they go, but available now online at roastedpgh.com
          • Collaboration with other 6th Ward businesses
            • Working to get all business owners together to create dialogue, contribute back to community
            • Working to resolve parking impact on the residential neighborhood: collaborative valet parking to a lease with parking lots
              • Thinking they will incentivize customers to use it with discounts
            • Vice President of the West Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association, so have lots of good connections with state and governmental agencies to help get some of these things done.
          • Hiring: growing and looking to hire

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